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Author: Kim Stuart

Pimento Cheese Is Not a Fancy Food. Not at All.

Pimento cheese is the food that most reminds me of my childhood. My mother was not what I would describe as an “avid homemaker” by any stretch of anyone’s imagination.  She had two kids, a full time job (with overtime when she could get it), and while she certainly appreciated a clean house and dinner on the table before dark, that was as far as it went for her. [LISTEN: State Legal Cannabis Employment, Is It Right For You? – PODCAST EPISODE] When my brother and I were too young to be trusted alone, we were definitely not left...

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Organizing Your Stuff Without Marie Kondo

So, you’re disorganized and overwhelmed.  Do you really need a Marie Kondo style rescue? Let me start by saying I’m not against Marie Kondo, per se, but at this point, I am not convinced that her method of getting folks organized is really about organizing folks; I think it’s becoming more of an opportunity for Marie to organize her own pockets full of cash.  Not that there’s anything wrong with that. [LISTEN: State Legal Cannabis Industry Employment – Is It Right for You? – PODCAST EPISODE] Marie Kondo, for the uninitiated, is a lovely Japanese woman who claims to be...

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