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Author: Kim Stuart

Net Neutrality Revisited – Today is the Day

Today is the end of net neutrality. I called this post Net Neutrality Revisited because it’s a topic that I have written about in the past, and it’s just as near and dear to my heart today as it was last year, or several years ago.  I’ve been an active participant in the internet as we know it, going back to the days when it was simply a place for people to buy books and porn. [LISTEN: Net neutrality and the future of American web content – PODCAST EPISODE] I despise Ajit Pai, current chair of the FCC, just...

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Pimento Cheese Is Not a Fancy Food. Not at All.

Pimento cheese is the food that most reminds me of my childhood. My mother was not what I would describe as an “avid homemaker” by any stretch of anyone’s imagination.  She had two kids, a full time job (with overtime when she could get it), and while she certainly appreciated a clean house and dinner on the table before dark, that was as far as it went for her. [LISTEN: State Legal Cannabis Employment, Is It Right For You? – PODCAST EPISODE] When my brother and I were too young to be trusted alone, we were definitely not left...

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