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Author: Kim Stuart

Can You Challenge Yourself to Achieve More?

“Challenge yourself”, they said. Maybe you replied, “why?”, or maybe you didn’t say anything at all. I don’t know why you chose the answer your did, or if you perhaps ignored the question altogether.  Each of us has incredibly personal reasons for how we react to certain types of motivation, and whether or not we rise to a challenge we find in our lives. [LISTEN: Best Business Blogs You’re Not Reading Yet – PODCAST EPISODE] If you either ignored the question, or failed at achieving to challenge yourself, take a moment and look back at what kept you from...

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New Years Resolutions and All That Jazz

Ah yes, it’s that crazy time of year again…  just after we get to hang a new calendar in our bathroom. Ok, maybe you don’t keep a paper calendar in your bathroom, but we sure do put one in ours.  You can’t believe how much easier life has been since we officially moved it out of wherever it was stashed and put it in the water closet.  We’re so much more likely to actually know where we are supposed to be, or conversely, know where everyone else we interact with should be in relation to where we are at...

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Net Neutrality… Again. It Really is a War Out There.

Net neutrality is on the chopping block yet again. If you do not understand net neutrality, how it works, why we need it, or what the consequences – both intended and unintended are likely to be, you’ve come to the right place. I am absolutely passionate about net neutrality.  Click To Tweet I’ve included links to previous articles I wrote that explain in detail what we had prior to the 2015 “net neutrality order” about halfway down the page, if you want to skip down there and do some research. First up, my short (maybe) list of items that...

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A New Look, or a Bit of Tidying Up for the End of the Year

I completely remodeled my website. Why? Of course you might ask me that.  Why not?  I could reply.  But that’s really not the reason.  I’ve been thinking about a change for awhile now, the last iteration had not only gone a bit stale but it was starting to seriously look more like a flea market than a well run blog (stop laughing!); bits and pieces here and there, willy nilly, and no real cohesion to the parts. [LISTEN: Cannabis Banking – FinCEN + Cole, part 2 – PODCAST EPISODE] I also wanted to try out a new theme, which...

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