As you probably know, the idea of mobile payments is hot right now.   White hot, blindingly hot, super hot, so completely hot that everyone, their neighbor and their dog have all launched a mobile payments app or they are in the final stages of finishing their mobile payments app.

(Although if you look at the previous post this week, there’s a whole school that says apps are dead, long live HTML5 and the mobile web.  Try to make a mobile wallet with THAT.)

ZDNet has an odd little piece, written by one of their folks that attended MWC (Mobile World Congress) last month.  I’m not sure what all the blathering about Blackberry is, goodness knows they’re deader than a doornail no matter what angle you use for viewing; anyway, it’s a decent piece so I decided to push it out to you.

“It’s not just about buying faster or more securely, it’s about combining multiple technologies and tactics to facilitate the shopping experience. Nobody cares about payments — what you care about is getting what you want. So to change habit, you can add value by adding rewards, coupons, product information, financial management tools on top of payments,” says Husson.

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