Wallet marketing, like most things mobile, is very popular with millennials.

The millennial generation has embraced mobile in all its glory and with all of its faults;  nearly everything they do starts (and ends) on a mobile device.

If you’re not entirely sure which generation is which, here’s a quick rundown for you

Baby Boomers: Born between 1945 and 1965, Baby Boomers are digital immigrants. Every piece of modern technology was introduced during their lifetimes and they had to learn how to use it.

Generation X: Born between 1965 and 1985, these digital pioneers were the ones who adapted technology or adapted their lifestyles to fit‚ÄĒbut the technology was introduced when they were young.

Millennials: Finally, Millennials born after 1985 are digital natives, who have never known anything other than a digital world and take it largely for granted.

The idea of watching a movie on a tiny little screen isn’t a big deal – they do it all the time. ¬†And when they’re at the movies proper, they’re usually watching something else on their tiny little screens!

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I’m sure that if you’re reading this and you’re not a millennial, you’re probably shaking your head… ¬†but before you write off the largest segment of the US population (we’re not even talking worldwide here) besides the baby boomers, take a few minutes and think about some of the things that millennials are also interested in doing and using:

Presented with a list of uses of free time and asked to select up to 5 favorite activities, a leading 58% of men said they watch TV, with about 4 in 10 saying they listen to or play music (43%), play computer games (42%), spend time with friends (41%) and spend time with family (38%). Among women, spending time with family (57%) is most popular, closely followed by watching TV (54%), with reading (47%), spending time with friends (43%), and listening to or playing music (39%) rounding out the top 5 most frequent activities.

Millennials are good prospects for mobile wallet targeting

However – 86% of people now own a smartphone.

That’s a couple of points higher than mid year 2016, so we’re still seeing adoption by new people (gads, can the flip phone take that much longer to die already!?!)

Smartphones are the great equalizer; while millennials may have grown up with phones, tablets, and digital everything, the aging boomer generation has slowly but surely been learning to use the phone as more than just a means of talking.

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And these are the folks who have the most disposable income as a group. ¬†Using mobile¬†for a lot of things is still a novel prospect to many of them (my mother didn’t actually see YouTube or Google until this time a year ago, how do you like that?), but they’re catching on quickly.

So what can you do with wallet marketing that spans the gap?

Hey, throw me a softball and I’ll hit a home run!

You’re going to want to tailor your wallet campaigns, and age is a demographic that you should consider as a factor. ¬†Along with likely income, geographical location, and gender, you can tailor your campaigns and offers based on the marketing collateral that you’re using for a specific promotion.

If you’re in LA, for instance, I don’t think you’ll see a ton of 65 year olds buying beanie caps; it’s not really something they’re wearing for fashion. ¬†If you were in Minnesota in December, we’re probably talking about a different story entirely.

So you’re a retailer in LA, you sell beanie caps, but you also sell pashmina scarves (completely typical in an area like the Abbott Kinney section of Venice), and possibly vintage Doc Maartens boots.

By creating multiple campaign passes, you can effectively manage who gets what pass when they’re in the store, checking out a print ad or clicking a link on your social media, Adwords, or YouTube channel.

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Match up the wallet marketing passes with the right demographic group, and then you can choose to selectively message that group, or you can choose to message all groups.   iBeacons and geo-fencing triggers can have unlimited passes attached to them, so you can create some seriously fun campaigns that will get attention from prospective customers.

You can also use the passes to ask your customers to share you with their friends, co-workers, family, neighbors, etc – it’s super easy and pretty much boils down to free advertising.

The most important part about using wallet passes for advertising and marketing is that you can drive traffic to all of your content.  If you have a blog, send notices when you update it.  Same with a podcast, YouTube channel, etc.

Run social media contests and nudge users via lock screen notifications launched by the mobile wallet.  Build your social media following or your email list with opt-ins delivered via lock screen and direct CTA with one tap.

It’s really pretty simple, and you’re only hurting yourself and your business if you aren’t fully exploring the possibilities!