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Do you have a love/hate relationship with social media?  Do you wish the internet would just go away???  Do you long for the good old days before Zillow and Offerpad and all the rest of this technology?

Sorry, but it’s not going back, so you can either adapt and make the most of it or you can watch your competitors kick your butts when they do.¬† The choice is yours.¬† ¬†¬†I recommend that you fight fire with fire and get your “house in order”.

The “Other” Social Media Platforms

If you’re not using Pinterest or Instagram, why not?¬† Both of these platforms offer as many opportunities to promote yourself and your listings as Facebook gives you…

…oh wait, Facebook doesn’t give you anything any more, unless you pay through the nose.¬† And now that Facebook is facing 3 BILLION in fines in the US alone, I wouldn’t expect them to “give” very much away going forward.¬† ¬†

Learning to use Instagram and Pinterest correctly isn’t the easiest task you can set yourself to, but there are ways to make it easier.¬† Templates, posting schedules, hashtag or keyword research, copywriting, and photo enhancement are all things you should be outsourcing anyway.¬†

Single Page Property Listings


Single page property listings serve two purposes – the first one is to draw more interest to a listing, and the second one is to demonstrate to a seller that you’re going the extra mile and should be the agent or broker that gets their listing.¬† ¬†Property owners generally want the most money in the least amount of time for their trouble, and that’s what they are paying you to accomplish.


Show your clients that you mean business.

If you’re marketing a top dollar property, or even a medium dollar property, trying to fob one of those cookie cutter, “made by an app” type of single property listings off on the seller is like serving grocery store fried chicken at a potluck… you just don’t do that.

Exceptional properties deserve exceptional marketing.  Add printed collateral that matches the single page property listing site for a complete package Рand happy sellers.   Sellers with friends who might be looking to buy or to sell.

And we all know that happy clients tell a few friends but UNHAPPY CLIENTS TELL EVERYONE. 

Check out some examples below:

Tap the image and see it now.


Get your Pinterest boards right and you not only have an opportunity to promote your listings, you’ll also be creating a community that finds you to be an authority on all things home related.

While it’s not terribly difficult to post to Pinterest, it does take some work to understand how important keywords are, and how to use them to your best advantage in your pins.

Pinterest also has some tricks that other social media platforms don’t offer, and again – get that right and you will be completely amazed at how much engagement and discovery the platform will offer you.

Go ahead and tap, you know you want to.

Single Page Listings

Single page listing websites are just another way of staging a home for showing.¬† You give your sellers plenty of advice – less is more, paint that orange wall, and get the carpets cleaned…

It’s pretty easy to produce a bland, cookie cutter single property listing page – there are loads of apps and websites that will do it for you.

Customized listing pages speak volumes in telling a story to prospective buyers, and help create those magical moments when a potential buyer begins to imagine living in the property and forms an emotional attachment to the place; that doesn’t happen by accident, you know…

Just tap it already!


Ha!¬† If you think Pinterest is hard to get right, try working your way through all the quirks of Instagram.¬† It’s not Facebook, it’s never going to be FB, and if you are treating it like an extension of your FB account, you should just STOP IT NOW.

IG is about beautiful photos, and the opportunity for users to discover amazing things.¬† It’s not a place where you duplicate your FB pics and posts, that’s just so wrong it makes me cringe.

IG isn’t like to sell a house for you, but it’s the best place to develop your personal brand, connect with like minded people, and to extend your network outside your immediate circle.

Other services include: personal web sites, print collateral, copywriting, photo editing & correction, graphic art, vector illustration