Real estate lead generation is one of the most difficult things for agents and brokers to successfully integrate into their marketing plan.

In the modern world, successful realtors need an almost endless supply of fresh leads; customer referrals are no longer enough to constitute a well thought out marketing plan.  In order to get fresh leads, agents have to work diligently to sort through any and every potential buyer or seller, making sure to time responses to fit into the window that garners the most interest and motivates an unsure prospect to work with them instead of another agent.

Real estate buyer leads can be costly to obtain, and quite often the same prospective buyer has submitted their information multiple times via the syndication sites such as Zillow, Trulia or, which, in turn, makes the same lead appear to be more than one lead.

Zillow’s Market Leader website claims that¬†–

“90% of today‚Äôs home buyers and sellers start their search online, and it takes 6 – 12 months¬†of ‘thinking’ before getting serious.”

Wow, that’s a lot of thinking and a lot of fence-sitting for a single prospect to decide whether or not to transact on their properties, and a lot of time for multiple agents to make their pitch for that business.

How can the average agent connect more permanently with more leads in the marketplace?

Obviously the best agents are making prospects feel like they are going the extra mile for them, whether it’s to list and sell their property for maximum selling price as quickly as possible; for buyers, it’s finding the exact property in the right neighborhood and negotiating the best deal from the buy side.

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When a potential seller sees a property listing pass installed on your iPhone, complete with live links on the back offering prospective buyers more information about the property than they could ever get from a postcard or a flyer, they’re immediately impressed by the layout and functionality of the pass. ¬†This encourages potential sellers to list with an agent who really wants to sell their property, and to present it to as many buyers as possible.


Front and Back of Apple Passbook Install on iPhoneThe front and back sides of a property listing pass in Apple Passbook on iPhone. 

When a potential buyer downloads a copy of the property listing pass into their iPhone (or Android device using Google Wallet), the increased opportunities for engagement and continued communication are tremendous.  If there is a change in the property status Рprice reduction, offer on the property, etc Рthese prospects can be updated immediately, and the notification goes straight to the lock screen on their phone. No waiting for them to open an email or listen to a voicemail.  Studies show that SMS or direct phone interaction leads to a much more rapid and decisive action on the part of the recipient.

Buyers and sellers want to work with forward thinking agents who will make the best deal for them. 

In an era where real estate lead generation is difficult and expensive, agents need to make the most of every potential client they come into contact with, and demonstrate to the prospect why they are an exceptional agent and one who deserves the business.  Forward thinking that not only helps to sell a property but also creates an ongoing relationship with less-than-sizzling prospects can help agents to build their lists and increase their business.

The long tail opportunity is incredible, since these passes can travel from iPhone to Apple Watch and on to the next device, be it a replacement iPhone or some other techno-marvel that’s yet to hit the market. ¬†No app, website or printed material can offer this currently.

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