Push notifications.  How in the heck do you use those with a digital business card?

I harp about saving the trees, stop wasting your time with paper business cards, and all that stuff all the time.

BUT – I just found an article that makes me want to take this whole thing one step further – and explain how you can use digital business cards in a way that makes SO MUCH SENSE (hint: it goes straight to the lock screen on mobile phones) that you’ll smack your own self upside the head when you read this.

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Push notifications for digital business cards?  What am I on about?  Have I been drinking?  (maybe that answer is yes, maybe it’s no, lol!) – tell me more NOW, you say?

I found this little gem in my Alerts feed – from a site called YourStory.com – and while I appreciate the sentiment, I’m not sold on the idea, because I know better.

This recall value is one of the main reasons why the good old business card will never go out of fashion. Today, even though we are armed with smartphones and iPads, and business communication has almost fully gone digital, there still seems to be no competition for the business card as a recollection tool and a tangible reminder of a meeting.

WRONG.  Big fat FAIL.

The old fashioned business card is already out of fashion.  It’s the number one decorator of File 13 during and after a trade show.  Or better yet, it’s got a box all its own – I should know, I think about 25 POUNDS of business cards dating back to the 1990s reside in my biz card box.

I’m going to do something with them, really, I swear.  One of these days I will scan them all (NOT) or put them in my contacts list (NOT) or maybe set them on fire if it’s cold and my gas fireplace is as dangerous to actually use as my local gas hookup guy said when we moved in here.

Why, oh why, would I need to dig out a years old business card, or sort through a pile of useless pulp fiber to find the person that I want to speak with?

Why wouldn’t I just exchange mobile wallet cards with them and then send them a push notification to let them know that I had something super fabulous that might just make their day, week, year?

And if my email address or phone number changes?  Or I went to work somewhere else?  Good grief, I had to stalk my hairdresser last week to find him and he’s been cutting my hair on and off for more than 15 years now.

Seriously, get over the paper trip.  Get with this century.  We launched the $7 digital business card last month and that’s cheaper than buying a box of cards from Vistaprint.  And way more effective.

This part of the same article really disturbs me –

A business card reflects your personality. It is the first piece of information your contact gets about you. Imagine meeting a crucial business contact and having to scramble for a pen and paper to exchange your coordinates.

Why can’t you reflect your personality with a digital card?  Hello, it’s just the same thing on 1’s and 0’s instead of paper.  Of course you can – and you can change it to reflect your personality any time you want to update it, without buying another 500 cards minimum.

$7 Digital Business Card

There’s no need to scramble for anything; everyone has their phone.  It’s like Karl Malden used to say – “Don’t leave home without it.”

Oh, and if I have something new to tell you, I can let you know that on your lock screen.  

What?  Lock screen?  You mean you can send me a notice that you’ve got something to tell me and maybe I want to know what it is?  I don’t need to waste time on the phone, I don’t need to figure out what folder your email landed in, and I don’t have to feel pressured to respond if I’m not in the mood?

Um, yeah.  I can send you a notice to your lock screen, easy peasy, and leave you with the option of responding.  No more embarrassing silences on the phone while you try to figure out where you remember me from (if you do) and no more trying to figure out how to dodge speaking to me.

I can’t make you read it, and I can’t make you contact me, but I can’t make you take my calls either, now can I?