<————- ¬†If you’re reading this on a desktop (laptop, MacMini, anything but mobile), then peek at the left sidebar on the screen to see a real, live, digital business card download link.

The rise of the digital business card.

Haha, that sounds ominous, like Skynet or some other nefarious movie villain organization is pushing these out so they can track your movements and manipulate your brain as it suits their will.

Um, hold on, that actually sounds like advertising and marketing campaigns in general, not some creepy future from Terminator or Running Man.

What’s so great about a digital business card?

A lot of things, I’m so glad you asked. ¬†If I were to do a Letterman style countdown of the top bits and pieces, it might look like this –

5. ¬†Save the trees. ¬†Using a digital business card means that you’re not one of those horrible people who’s killing off everything from the Amazon rain forest to the local old growth. ¬†Yep, no more shame in your game!

4. ¬†Make your friends and co-workers jealous. ¬†OK, maybe not for that long, since they can all get their own digital business cards for the same whopping $7 price tag. ¬†But you’ll be the first one to do it (or maybe not!)

3. Create a streamlined presence for yourself and your business. ¬†All jokes aside, this is where the rubber starts to meet the road. ¬†You spent a ton of money on a website (or a ton of time building it yourself, what do I know), and it’s sitting there doing what? ¬†Waiting on Google to send you traffic? ¬†Please don’t be one of those “build it and they will come” types.

2. Stop people from tossing your paper business card in the trash. ¬†What? ¬†How? ¬†Right. ¬†Don’t give them one and they can’t leave it in their hotel room when they check it, drop it on the train, or put it in the rubbish bin. ¬†That is an indisputable fact.

Drum roll, please…

The #1 reason to use the $7 digital business card —

  1. It’s always there and it always looks the way you want it to appear.

Yes, that’s right. ¬†These things are infinitely changeable, unlimited in their updating capacity, and require about as much effort on your part to maintain as those paper business cards you’ve been so fond of for years now. ¬†Set it and forget it. ¬†Or update it regularly. ¬†The choice is yours.

Here’s the quick list of what you can do with the links on the back of the $7¬†digital business card –

  • Click to call
  • Click to email
  • Launch the Maps app
  • Launch any social media app
  • Launch a video player like YouTube or Vimeo
  • Launch iTunes and connect directly with a podcast or app
  • Push app downloads directly
  • Educate, inform and update



Where can you get one of these $7 digital business cards?

This is the back side of a digital business card.  Almost any type of link, address, phone number or other recognizable data is turned into a live link. 

Click here and you can get started on that right now.