Yep, if you’re reading this on the day it’s supposed to drop, I’m at the Grand Canyon.

My first time, too (I know, I’ve lived in the west for going on twenty years at this point, what is wrong with me?), checking it out.

It’s crazy, I know – but a few years ago when I was in London for the Olympics, my best friend and I went to Stonehenge for a sightseeing day (and it was most impressive); turns out that she’d never been there before.

Why do we do this?  Traipse around all over the world looking at other peoples’ monuments (did I mention that I’ve seen the BIG GUITAR in Tamworth, Australia?) but we don’t bother checking out our own.  Hopefully I don’t fall into the Canyon and I’ll be back next week with some more of my usual pithy commentary on the state of things that catch my eye.

Big Golden Guitar Tamworth Australia  Stonehenge