Ah yes, it’s that crazy time of year again…  just after we get to hang a new calendar in our bathroom.

Ok, maybe you don’t keep a paper calendar in your bathroom, but we sure do put one in ours.  You can’t believe how much easier life has been since we officially moved it out of wherever it was stashed and put it in the water closet.  We’re so much more likely to actually know where we are supposed to be, or conversely, know where everyone else we interact with should be in relation to where we are at the moment.

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And since that brings me to the word moment, I’m going to say a few things about the misuse of that word recently.  Unless you happen to be smack dab in the middle of your yoga class, talking about “being present” and “being in the moment” is such a pretentious bit of nonsense that I am calling you on it right now.  Just two days into the new year, yep, that’s right.

If you are breathing, and you are occupying a space, then I hate to break it to you, but you are IN THAT MOMENT AND YOU ARE PRESENT!!!  So stop acting like you need a freaking reminder that you’re indeed a three dimensional object wherever you may be, and just get on with it.

We all need to work harder.

What you can do – should do, really – is get off your lazy butt and work a bit harder to accomplish your goals.  Not because it’s the new year, but because you can.  I’m the worlds worst procrastinator – can’t you see the dateline on this post is today and not yesterday? I procrastinated all day, first at the Desert Botanical Garden and then with some CSS bits for all the websites…  which means I was seriously procrastinating IN THE MOMENT and WAS PRESENT in that procrastination!

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I don’t know what your particular goal in life is, and frankly, I’m not really likely to care if you email me or call me or send up smoke signals.  That’s just the way I am with stuff.  I’ll be there if you need me, but don’t expect me to go and figure out how you should be doing things in your life when I can barely manage to keep my own procrastination to a minimum,  level that still allows me to function as a human being in society.  Some times.

They say that goals are good things to have.

I’m not super sure who “they” is, and I really sound like my mother when I voice that thought out loud…  not so much that she talked to herself all the time, but her categorizations of “they” and “everybody” and her opinions about those groups.

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That kind of they and everybody situation.  I’m sure that your mother did it too, and if she didn’t, unless you were raised by wolves, someone in your life in a position of trying to keep you on the straight and narrow must have used the words.

On the subject of goals, however, I am a rather unsure believer in how much goals are good and how much goals are too much goals.  If you’re a regular reader of this fine publication, then you know that I was part of a kick ass team of sailors in a big old regatta last year that managed, like a blind squirrel (did I mention that was the name of my last boat, by chance?), to find their nuts and kick the daylights out of the rest of the competition?

That wasn’t really a goals situation; it was more like playing the hand I was dealt and not trying to drown myself (or anyone else) in the process.  So much for goals, maybe you like them but the more I think about it, the less I’m inclined to worry about.  Remember, I’m going to work harder, as I addressed above.

What is a girl to do?

Obviously this post isn’t going to be about my new years resolutions (really, who has time for that crap?), nor is it about jazz.  We can rest assured that Google is not going to be pleased with the lack of SEO that I’ve done, but again, not really caring at the moment.

Here’s the list of what I am going to be doing in the next few weeks, in case you happen to still be reading!

  • Launch our consulting product for the state legal cannabis industry.  If you don’t know that California turned on the adult use taps yesterday, you must live in a cave.  We focus on banking and transaction processing and that’s a BIG BIG BIG thing.
  • Spend more time with our Events & Trade Shows clients to make sure they have a great experience using our mobile campaigns product.
  • Keep pushing our podcast episodes out to current clients and prospects who want to understand more ways to easily make their campaigns successful.
  • Learn some more CSS, since why, I don’t really know.  I did some manual tinkering on a few of our websites over the holiday break, and find myself, yet again, thinking that perhaps I want to do more design work and less other stuff.  That won’t last past next week, I’m sure; since I’d much rather change up the paint colors in my house than code websites.
And it’s a glorious day outside here (just like yesterday when I procrastinated among the succulents and desert friendly plantings at the Botanical Garden), so I’d say that I’m going to go and ride my bike now.