Welcome to 2017. ¬†It’s a new year. ¬†Or is it?

(Just a quick note – I’ve revived this post from earlier in the year – I think it’s got an awful lot of relevance as we close out the year and reflect on what we’ve accomplished, where we missed our goals, and what we should think about while organizing a game plan for the next quarter, year, whatever…)

Whew, I’m super glad the holidays are over. ¬†Not that I don’t like holidays, just that I’m glad the craziness, the rushing around, the last minute stuff that absolutely has to be done, and NOW!, is finished for awhile.

Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukah, Festivus, or something else entirely, almost every culture has a big holiday season that occurs around the same time as the Winter Solstice (or the Summer Solstice if you’re in the Southern Hemisphere).

Lots of us make resolutions for personal growth that use the new year as a base timeline.

I used to do that – you know, stuff like:

  • Go to gym
  • Stop smoking
  • Lose 15 pounds
  • Organize closets, get a donation box together and take it to Goodwill, St Vincent de Paul, etc
  • Drink less, eat less, run ten miles a week (or a day, if you’re one of those running people, lol)

[Tweet “But I stopped doing new years’ resolutions¬†several years ago. “]

I’m sitting here today, January 2, first Monday of the new year, without a single resolution. ¬†We watched some football yesterday, and I noticed how ALL the ads were for gyms and weight loss products or systems. ¬†If you only want to get in shape, lose weight, stop smoking, or organize your closets and your life once a year, you are not likely to succeed the other 50 weeks of the year.

(November update РSo we did manage about 50 total miles of bike riding last week.  We also took a couple of bags of stuff to Goodwill.  I went to the gym when it was too hot to ride bikes outside without getting eaten by coyotes during the dead of night)

I try, now, to make small resolutions throughout the year.  I find it easier to achieve my goals.

We work our business plans the same way – if you’re not familiar with us, Hazel is based in Vancouver, and I’m in Phoenix. ¬†Our sys admin is somewhere else. ¬†So are our programmers. ¬†So we’re what is referred to as a distributed office, remote work, or whatever you want to call it.

We spend a lot of time meeting, in the ways that are convenient. ¬†With the programmers and tech staff, it’s via Skype, and Hazel and I are on Skype messages nearly all the time. ¬†Hazel and I are together a lot – she’s just spent a week here (you didn’t really think I was going to Canada when it’s freezing out, did you?) and we are super productive and focused when we do have time in person to work together.

Other than taxes, we don’t have anything that has a calendar timeline attached to it permanently.

But we’re always making plans – sussing out new ideas, checking out new ways to help our customers do better in their own businesses, and we share that information all year long. ¬†Our planning cycle runs more along a quarterly timeline, than a yearly one. ¬†After all, we’re in a very fluid business – online and mobile – and things change very rapidly.

We look to announcements and events from our vendors – Apple, Google, Amazon, etc – to drive our new initiatives and feature sets; after all, we are dependent on their technology to make life more profitable for our customers. ¬†We try to adapt to these new features (ok, they’re not all features in our mind!) and quickly figure out the most effective ways that we can use them to help drive adoption and usage of our core product – the mobile wallet advertising and marketing platform.

(And we have really jumped into the state legal cannabis industry this year.¬† Not just with mobile ad campaigns – that really do work – but with deposit banking and transaction processing products, new alliances, great new partners – OK, not all of them were great – and a real sense of being part of something big…¬† really big)

Here are a couple of the plans we have for the first quarter of this year, and we hope this will help our user base to create effective campaigns, and generate revenue and profit from those campaigns –

#1 = We’re going to provide more downloadable material, such as e-books, PDF tear sheets, etc that focus on a single idea or task, and detail how to get the most from that particular idea. ¬†

[DOWNLOAD: 3 Steps to a Solid Mobile Strategy – FREE WORKSHEET]

#2 = We’re going to work on more video how-to content, for those that would rather see an idea in action than read about it on our sites.¬†

#3 – We’re going to focus on the success stories, and sharing them with our customers and prospective customers; often we find that by seeing how someone else used a product to a positive end, it sparks creative ideas that will help you to do the same.¬†

[LISTEN: Why Mobile Ads Work, Part 2 – PODCAST EPISODE]

I hope you’re having a brilliant new year already, and that your hangover (if you had one) is already in your review mirror; that you’ll be recharged and ready to go after some lovely down time with friends and family, and no matter what happens in the crazy political climates around the world, that the year will be a positive one.

I’m going to do my best to work towards a positive outcome for this year, and I’m ready for the obstacle course that I’m sure it’s going to be!