I completely remodeled my website.

Why? Of course you might ask me that.  Why not?  I could reply.  But that’s really not the reason.  I’ve been thinking about a change for awhile now, the last iteration had not only gone a bit stale but it was starting to seriously look more like a flea market than a well run blog (stop laughing!); bits and pieces here and there, willy nilly, and no real cohesion to the parts.

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I also wanted to try out a new theme, which everyone who’s ever dealt with a WordPress website knows is quite often a true pain in the butt.  So I just decided to make a clean break of it, and start from scratch.

Sometimes moving on is the only way to move up.

As I said, the old site was becoming a big, wild mess – not that chic bohemian style that I’m such a fan of these days, more like that junk drawer in the kitchen, or the laundry… I’m sure you have one too.

And since it’s the holiday season – the one between the time when we give thanks and the time that we spend thanking people for giving us things – I figured it was a perfectly opportune time to put on a new party dress and practice my dance steps!

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I have a tendency to treat my blog the same way I do my house – when I want to swap out the paint colors, or change up the draperies, I just do it.  Quite often I don’t have a complete plan for the rest of the room, much less the entire house, and I do tend to favor that bohemian-slash-eclectic style; I’m a fan of so many styles and while I don’t like the entire color spectrum, I can live with a lot of them.

So many colors, so little time.

I bought these fabulous jackets in a coral sort of color, more orange than red, to wear in the booth for the MJBizCon show in Vegas last month, and I incorporated it into the new site palette.  Same with the navy and the spruce colored teal.  I’ve added a ton of green plants, and I used both moss green and lime green on the site.  Grey is my go to neutral at home, and sure enough, it’s in here too.  I even managed to sneak in that blush pink that I used on a lamp (it’s in the main menu bar up top if you haven’t noticed!) in my living room at home.

What I haven’t figured out is how to get tropical patterns and animal prints to translate into my site.  I’m kind of bummed about that, to tell you the truth.  But I did hide some succulents in the site, maybe you’ll run across them if you’re idly clicking through my links.

What does it all mean?

I dunno.  Maybe it means nothing.  Maybe it means I had a fun time spending a couple of days reorganizing, taking stock and rearranging my thoughts into what I consider to be a much more coherent way of presenting them to you, dear reader.

I say a lot of things, about a variety of different topics.  State legal cannabis businesses and how they should be treated by the banks.  The importance of mobile in your business marketing plans.  How you can use some simple tricks to market your podcast and become wildly popular without being a serial killer.   The importance of net neutrality and how it affects you and your business.  Why sailboat racing is not just like watching paint dry and how you can learn to manage people more effectively when I tell you about it.

I feel like I’m ready for the new year.

At least on my personal site, I’m organized and ready to keep on talking about things that are important to me, and things I want to share with other people.  We met some amazing people in Vegas last week, and I hope that we’ll be telling their stories across our media over the next year – and I hope those stories will be about success, not failure.

I also appreciate the fact that I have a place to test out all the new stuff I run across; I try really hard to stay focused and not get the magpie disease with the business sites.  Sometimes that makes me a little sad because I really do adore the bells and whistles – they’re like my animal print lampshade or my fake fur throw on the chair in the corner.

What’s your end of year wrap up like?  Are you working towards getting ready to go for the new year?  Or is it one continuous step, without missing a beat and not really noticing that the calendar has changed?  I feel like the rest of the year is that way – people talk about weekends and holidays and I rarely pay any attention to those events as they go by, which is certainly odd for some to digest and understand.


Have a look around and see if you like the new paint, the fresh tile, and the animal print lampshades  ;)