What are you doing with your old podcast episodes?

Are they —

  • sitting around
  • gathering dust
  • unloved and un-promoted

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What should you do with your old podcast episodes?

You took the time to record, edit, upload, and promote those old podcast episodes when they were new (at least I hope that you did!) and if you don’t continue to promote them, they won’t do you much good.   And if they’re not doing you much good, then what’s the point?

I took a look at our stats, and as of right now, these are the most listened to podcast episodes in our library (Mobile Wallet Marketing Made Easy) –

Top Ten Podcast Episodes

You can clearly see that some of our older episodes (we just released #18 last week) are the most listened to, and that’s not by accident.  When we release a new episode, we can tell from the first two days of listener count whether or not people really want to hear about the topic.

And if they want to hear about it today, they probably want to hear about it next week, or next month, or even six months from now.   As a matter of fact, the old podcast episode – #8 – 3 R’s of Top Listing Agents – is an episode that we created before we went on hiatus last year; it still gets as many daily listens as some of the newest releases!

How can I get more listeners to my old podcast episodes?

Obviously iTunes, Stitcher, etc aren’t really going to be that much help here, at least not actively.  It’s great that they publish a list of old episodes, and it’s true that some people will find you that way.  Leaving the whole thing to that sort of chance is kind of like shooting arrows in the dark though. 

If you follow any of the marketing that we do here, you’ll probably notice that we are constantly pushing our older episodes – we link to them on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and so on – every day.  Not every episode ever day, but we put a fresh link to a single episode on each of our social media accounts daily.

We also use the back of our mobile update to include a Featured Episode title and link – this updates to the lock screen when we make changes to it in the same way that updating the title of the latest episode does, and it puts the message front and center – –


I’ve told you any number of times that the sheer size of the iTunes directory – 300 THOUSAND + podcast listings – means that it’s just short of impossible (at least without a big marketing budget) to leverage iTunes (or Soundcloud, Stitcher, and so on) into meaningful increases in your listen numbers.

[Tweet ” That game is almost as difficult as pushing your app through the App Store or Google Play. “]

I am sure that you’ve heard about #MobileFirst marketing – if not from me directly, then from Google (#MicroMoments, #MobileMoments), or any number of reliable online marketing resources.

You likely also know that SMS messaging garners the BEST response rate of any engagement with prospects.   And that SMS is one of the most risky ways to message, since the fine for sending messages to a number that doesn’t want those messages is HUGE.

Lock screen messaging is gold, you should try it.

Lock screen messages are almost identical to SMS – they offer the listener the opportunity to connect and engage with you directly from their mobile phone, which is the most likely device they will use to listen to your podcast.  They also carry none of the risk that a misplaced SMS does.

Users click through to the mobile update and in addition to the latest or featured episode, you have the opportunity to present them with more information – info that they will NEVER see on Stitcher, iTunes or any other podcast player app.

Back of the Mobile Update

This is the back side of our mobile update for Mobile Wallet Marketing Made Easy) – we offer listeners the chance to be interviewed on our podcast for an upcoming episode.  We direct them to our main podcast page, so they can see what other episodes we have produced.

And there’s more below the featured episode link – social follows, links to relevant blog posts (like this one!), and of course a link to our product page and every link is clickable from the back of the update.

Leveraging the power of Apple Wallet for iOS users, as well as any number of generic third party wallet apps for Android users, means you focus on your marketing message or building a strong listener base.  Spend your time connecting with listeners and prospects and don’t worry about technical details and the like.


If you’re still not sure this is for you, by all means hit me up and let’s talk on Skype or email or the phone – I’m happy to answer questions.