Excellent news in the inbox feed the other day!  We’ve got some new competition, even if they’re in Australia only at the moment.

What on earth am I rambling on about?  That’s easy enough to explain.

We’ve been working with a number of new home builders (in the Southwest/West region), and have created a number of mobile wallet marketing products that enable them to communicate and engage with prospective home buyers throughout the incredibly emotional process of purchasing a newly constructed home.

Allworth Homes, an AUS builder, was detailed in this news report – 

In addition to providing a full catalogue of home designs, the app utilises the latest in location capabilities, including iBeacon and Google’s Eddystone beacons to provide users with information regarding the display home they are visiting. The tour functionality provides customers with the current configuration details for the home on display, while showing the floor plan and facades variations available for that design.

If you’re not familiar with our new home builder platform – HomeBuilder.Link – click over and have a look around.

It’s a fairly straightforward product, we set up campaigns based on a variety of factors such as model home type (number of beds/baths), neighborhood, price range or other amenities, and there’s also the option of adding campaign passes for additional information such as lender programs and upgrades like solar energy.

From the consumer perspective, it’s easy enough to add a pass (or more than one) and then receive updates directly to mobile when there’s something new to report, like new neighborhood launches, inventory shortages in certain areas, special lending promotions, and the like.

Lock screen triggers with geofencing and iBeacons also make it easy for builders to communicate their message to possible buyers based on the geographic location and timing of where that prospect might happen to be.