I wrote a bit of a rant the other day about Google AMP, Facebook Instant Articles and Apple News; detailing the trials and tribulations of getting them hooked in and going with the average web site.   AMP – Accelerated Mobile Pages – is the first of the bunch that launched to the majority of publishers.

This article caught my eye shortly after I wrapped up my rant and moved on with my day.

Google AMP Project Lags In Implementation

So I’m not the only person that finds some difficulty with the situation.

Google Accelerated Mobile Pages — a collaborative open-source project between dozens of technology companies and publishers to make the mobile Web faster — officially launched in February, yet less than one-fourth of search engine optimization experts have implemented AMP.

It seems that lagging adoption could easily be blamed on how difficult a simple process becomes to do correctly, or at least correctly as far as Google is concerned. The goal of having stripped down pages that render rapidly on mobile devices is absolutely something that we need, but we also need it organized in a manner that actually makes sense.

That’s my take on it, anyway.