Modern iBeacon use involves a lot of fun ideas.

I posted a blurb last year about using iBeacons in partnership with a grocery store to reward interested consumers with something useful, yet fun at the same time – personalized meal recommendations and the recipes/shopping lists needed to complete the meal at home.  This is one great example of modern iBeacon use.

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Here’s what I said – – has implemented an in the grocery store, get your recipe and your shopping list style implementation with iBeacon contact via the users mobile phone –

Users of the Allrecipes Dinner Spinner app will receive notifications while shopping at bricks-and-mortar locations in Ohio at beacon-equipped Marc’s.

Modern iBeacon use can be fun and interesting, and is designed for more than just purchases

Who doesn’t want recipes and shopping lists?

Right now it looks like they’re limited to a few stores in Ohio, but we would expect it to spread to other regions based on the success of the program.  Hillshire Farms had a similar program a couple of years ago, which demonstrated MASSIVE increases in purchase intent and actual purchasing of a new product they launched using proximity marketing.

One more tidbit from the article and you can, of course, click through above to read the whole thing –

The beacon deployment provides contextual information and recipes to target users when they are most likely to engage with content. When app users with push notifications enabled walk into a Marc’s store, they will receive a message that informs them of a particular ingredient’s discounted price, along with recipes that feature it.

Modern iBeacon use is practical and affordable.

The recipes and shopping list idea is just one great use for bringing the power of iBeacons to consumers.   We’ve profiled other case studies, such as easy ways for realtors to manage open house traffic using iBeacons; iBeacons used by harbors to help incoming boaters figure out where to go; the IKEA pop up showroom using iBeacons.  And this is only a few of them.

The chief takeaway for today is that iBeacons are so simple and easy to use, and can be crafted into fun promotions that help you keep (and get) customers for your business.

It’s almost silly to not use them.