Oh, about right now I think I’ve got to get a new horse.  The one I have is surely whipped to a shred and probably not likely to take much more abuse.  

Sadly, that’s not going to happen, at least not today.

[Tweet “I’ll say it one more time.  Mobile wallets are not about payments yet. “]

Yep, that’s right.  There’s no real problem being solved by using a mobile wallet instead of a credit card – unless you’re at a place that’s actually attempting to use the EMV chips for transactions and checkouts; those lines get insanely long and slow moving just when you least want to be standing there, needing to go to the ladies room, or something.

But smaller town America is starting to catch on, to realize that there is something afoot, these new mobile wallets are ready for primetime…

The report also notes that some businesses aren’t accepting mobile payments yet, though more are joining the list. Just this month, Apple announced that Starbucks will begin accepting Apple Pay at some of its locations in a pilot program this year. KFC and Chili’s restaurants will start accepting Apple Pay next year.

Expectations have been high for Apple Pay, which some have predicted will be the tipping point for much wider adoption of mobile wallets. Charlotte-based Bank of America and San Francisco-based Wells Fargo both were quick to make Apple Pay available to their customers in time for last October’s rollout.

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