Mobile wallet functionality is in every smartphone – the question is simply which mobile wallet consumers choose to use.

Whether the mobile wallet is Apple Wallet, Android Wallet, Samsung Wallet (oh, the much beleaguered Samsung today, sigh…) or another third party mobile wallet app, it’s here to stay.  I’m telling you this because I love you and I want to see you succeed in business, not because I want to scare you away and leave you running down the street with your hair on fire.

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I was flipping through my considerable inbox this morning – yes, this very morning, and came across a stat that was so compelling, so interesting, that I felt the need to tell you about it right now.  Not like tomorrow now, but like today now.  So this is important!

Here’s the headline:

Mobile Will Represent 75% Of Internet Next Year: Bigger Ad Medium Than Print, OOH Combined

This came to me via MediaPost, and the numbers don’t lie.  (OOH stands for “out of home” if you are wondering).

Three out of every four minutes (75%) of Internet use will be accessed via a mobile device in 2017 — up from 68% this year, according to a mobile advertising forecast released this morning by Publicis’ Zenith unit.

The report estimates that mobile’s share of global Internet usage will reach 79% by 2018, nearly doubling since 40% in 2012.

This percentage for this year – 68% – is HUGE.

It’s so huge, it dwarfs everything else you are doing today to advertise, market, promote or otherwise try to achieve business nirvana.  If you are not focusing at least 75% of your marketing budget on ways to use mobile to market and advertise your business, you are nuts.  NUTS.  JUST NUTS.

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I’ve said this again and again, developing a good mobile strategy and figuring out how to cost effectively implement it is one of the most critical things that needs to happen in order for your business to move forward.  I created a worksheet that you can download, fill in the blanks, and be halfway to having a strategy.  I give it to you free (see the link below), and we talk about mobile in our podcast all the time.  So much that it’s probably sickening if you’re a regular listener.

What is the easiest, most cost effective way to get results in mobile advertising?

The mobile wallet is the easiest, most cost effective method of driving traffic to your content, to your site, to your store, to your stand at the craft fair, or AWAY from your competitions’ business.

We have also beaten the mobile app vs. mobile wallet argument to death, in podcast episodes, in blogs, in person.

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The average small to medium sized business is not in the business of selling or giving away apps, so why on earth would you take on that business if you really just want to sell online coaching, give people motivational material, get more people interested in your restaurant or store, or any number of things that can be easily achieved with a mobile wallet pass instead of a mobile app?

How does this easy, cost effective way work?

It’s super simple to create a mobile wallet advertising pass – it literally takes minutes.  Apple, Google, etc are happy to do the consumer distribution of the technology for you, they maintain the customer support end of the process, and you are left to focus on creating an effective campaign that highlights and showcases your product.

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You don’t need any IT experience, and you don’t need to spend more than 10 minutes each week on updates and that sort of thing.  Mobile wallet ads tie in with your social media, your search, your web, and any other medium you are using (including print) to make a neat and tidy hub that enables you to control your message while interacting with prospects and customers.

Here’s another snippet from the article I mentioned above –

“Advertisers also need to think about consumer mobility, not just mobile devices,” the report continues. “During the day consumers shift their attention from tablet to desktop to smartphone, sometimes while watching TV, so advertisers need to build brand experiences that are coherent across screens and devices.”

This reinforces the idea that tying all your content, marketing, advertising and promotional efforts together in a way that encourages users to access your message from all of their devices is the smart money for building effective campaigns today and going forward.

Add in the location and context component that a mobile wallet campaign offers, and you get even more bang for your buck.

Business types that can benefit directly from mobile wallet campaigns –

  • Online coaching
  • Podcasts
  • Real Estate Brokers/Agents & New Home Builders
  • Brick and mortar service businesses
  • Restaurants/Car Dealers/Retailers
  • Nightclub/VIP/Concierge

And any other business that actively markets, advertises or promotes using print, TV, radio, online or in person sales.

Yep, that’s right – it covers pretty much any business that actually sells something to a broad group of people.  If you’re in an industry where you have one customer and that’s it, this is probably not for you.

Although we can think of some amazing customer service applications for the mobile wallet passes if you’re interested  ;)

The train is leaving the station people, are you onboard?