The Mobile Wallet Powers a Podcast?

Ok, I admit it.  I’ve been neglecting things around here terribly!  But I’m going to change that, starting right now with an update on the mobile wallet and how it’s being used in different verticals. 

I didn’t mean to do it, BUT… I knew it was happening. Between some personal things with my family (my mom, heavy sigh) and the absolute deluge of work (that’s also been neglected because of the family issue) on our other projects, I let this blog slip through the cracks.

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I’m going to update you here on what’s been going on in mobile wallet land, and take a few minutes to talk strategy as well.

Mobile wallet products that are designed for more than just payment transactions include the Apple Wallet and Android Pay.  We’ll see how it shakes out with Samsung Pay, LG Pay, and what Paypal might decide to do going forward.

If you’re new to mobile wallet marketing, here are some things that you can do with a good mobile wallet that aren’t payment related:

  • Membership cards – yep, good old fashioned ID for entrance at the gym, shoppers club, etc
  • Gift card or loyalty card balances – sure enough, store them and work out the logic with a merchant POS system
  • Digital business cards – only like, the easiest way to get your info out there, EVER.  Always updatable, always saving trees by distributing directly to mobile devices (you know, where the person you just met is likely to be calling you from)
  • Coupons – pretty self explanatory but still amazing – did you catch the report that details how nearly 60% of shoppers redeem mobile coupons within minutes of receiving them if they’re on premises?
  • Event Tickets and Boarding Passes – I class these two together since they utilize the same parameters with iBeacons and geofencing elements
  • Property Listing Pass – if you’re in the real estate business, this is about the easiest way to keep engagement levels high with prospective buyers; this is also THE way to show your sellers that you are using all the available tools to move their property
  • Scavenger hunts and Exhibit Curation – mobile wallets are a dead simple way to organize a scavenger hunt or curate an exhibit – the geofencing and iBeacon triggers offer the opportunity to message with up to ten (each) different triggers on a pass
  • Online and Mobile Marketing – Partner and Affiliate Marketing – it’s super easy to leverage the cards in a mobile wallet to offer affiliate or partner marketing opportunities – and since you can install cards via email, SMS, AirDrop, QR Code scan, or display on a web page, Facebook ad, Tweet, and more – the initial contact fits right into your current marketing campaigns.

Obviously this is just a portion of the whole list, since I didn’t mention restaurants, night clubs, VIP hosts, concierge services, life or business coaches, golf courses, and so many more opportunities that using a 24/7 engagement mechanism via mobile device offers.

I do want to talk about a unique project that a competing company in Seattle recently completed, which is a partnership with the NY Times.  The Times has a podcast series, known as Modern Love – which is based on their popular Modern Love column.  The series is set up so that celebrities, such as Dakotah Johnson and Jud Apatow record reader submitted stories about love and the result is a podcast on iTunes or Stitcher – and each update to the Wallet contains a voice recording – sort of like a voicemail preview – of the newly released episode.

“we don’t have to have an app and we avoid the expense and possible annoyance associated with ongoing use of other channels like SMS” – 

Kristen Holgerson, director of marketing and promotion at WBUR

Modern Love by the NY Times Podcast Mobile Wallet Marketing Card

Frankly, the execution is nearly flawless – the only issue I noticed was the Soundcloud “voicemail” announcements tended to run together; they weren’t properly delineated, but I think that’s a Soundcloud problem, which is a link from the back of the Wallet card, so technically not an Apple or a Wallet issue.

Outside of that minor detail, I LOVE IT!!!! And, I subscribed ;)

It’s a GREAT example of thinking outside the box – along the lines of the golf course menu/ordering setup we did for a northern California club (which speeds up the pace of play AND increases the per ticket average) last year.

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Interested in finding out more about individual wallets and what feature sets they offer?  Or who has the biggest distribution?  Click here to find out those particulars – 

We’re finalizing the particulars on our own podcast notification product – but we intend to offer it for webinars as well, perhaps Blab, Hangouts, any number of live cast events that people are interested in update notifications.  Stay tuned in the next couple of weeks for the official launch, but I can tell you that we’re still taking a couple more beta testers if the product/idea is not a duplicate of something we already have going.