How Does a Mobile Wallet Pass Work?

Mobile wallet passes enable communication and interaction directly with your customer or prospect’s mobile device.


Mobile Wallet Passes on iPhone

Mobile wallet passes are primarily designed for iPhone, using Apple Wallet.  There are also versions available for Android Pay, but the feature set is not as rich, the user ROI is much less than iOS device owners, and we do not currently support those mobile wallet passes.

The main reasons for using mobile wallet passes:

  • Digital Marketing Campaigns – why make a prospect or current customer open yet another email in order to receive your message?  With mobile wallet passes it’s simple and easy to change up offers, present partner offers, or provide educational or other information to installed users
  • Digital Business Cards – quickly and easily share your contact info to other iPhone users; update info as needed without having to redistribute cards
  • Membership Cards, Gift Cards, Store Cards – rather than carrying around a wallet full of single purpose plastic or paper cards, it’s much easier for members or customers to sort and use their digital cards in your business location; use these digitally for students who are taking your online course, life or business coaching subscribers
  • Event Tickets – whether you want to update subscribers when you have a new podcast episode, webinar presentation, or have them present the ticket for admission at a physical location, mobile wallet passes formatted as Event Tickets enable you to make changes on the fly, update the schedule or other information; continue marketing to your subscribers or attendees after the event has passed
Mobile Wallet Pass Business Card on iPhone

2 Easy Ways to Install Mobile Wallet Passes:


  1. Scan the QR code with the Apple Wallet app – Go Ahead, Try It!  Point your iPhone at your desktop ~
  2. If you’re reading this on an iPhone, click this link to install the pass into Wallet –

See it in action for yourself! iPhone users have two simple options for installing the mobile wallet pass above. (Don’t worry, you can delete it just as easily).

What happens next?

After the user has installed your mobile wallet pass on their iPhone, they’ve done their part — providing you with a 24/7 means of communicating offers, updates and other information directly to their lockscreen.  

You can use push notifications to trigger messaging based on geofencing locations – GPS or map coordinates of a specific place – or proximity (close contact) via iBeacons.  It’s the same technology that United or Southwest Airlines use to enable you to get through security using the Apple Wallet version of their boarding passes they offer when you check in using your iPhone.

What if they don’t like me?

That does happen, but it’s not very likely.  A recent study by shows that 94% of people will save content in their mobile wallet.  The main reasons that your offers are deleted by device owners is because you messaged them too often or with offers that had no interest for them.  I’m not saying don’t send partner offers or companion offers to your main product line; just show a little restraint (unlike you did with that chocolate cake for dessert the other night!) and you’ll be fine. 

Front of mobile wallet pass
Mobile wallet passes provide information on the front and the back.

The front appears in the Wallet (the image above right is a screenshot from an iPhone), so it’s best to select clear graphics and use text sparingly – you don’t want to clutter the space with unnecessary elements, and you don’t want your text to run off the side of the pass.

The back is a GOLD MINE!

Each line on the back can be easily formatted into a live link that will launch a new window and directly complete an action –

  • Insert a phone number for Click to Call
  • Insert an email for One Click email response
  • Add an address to launch Maps
  • Play a YouTube video, Vimeo, iTunes podcast, Soundcloud clip, and more
  • Send a user directly to your signup page on your website


mobile wallet pass back

Remember, you’re only limited by your creativity!

Out of the box thinking has produced amazing results, including property listing passes for real estate agents and brokers, easy lunch time ordering at the golf course, simplified client management for concierge & VIP Hosts, and model home passes for new home builders.  

Talk to me and I’ll be happy to help you implement the most effective mobile wallet marketing campaign for your business – whether you’re looking for more prospects, a better conversion ratio, alternative communication and engagement methods or increased revenue and ROI – we can do this!