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Graphic and web design.  Marketing.  Consulting.  Project development and management.  Mobile.  Digital art.  Analog art. Mixed media.  Residential design. 

Who is Kim Stuart?

What does she know?  What kind of advice does she have to offer?  Can you really learn anything from her?  Would you want to?  I would say so. 

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My story? Simple. 

I’ve been hanging around on the internet for a long time now; so long that I remember the day the pop up was invented (no, I did not invent it, so stop hating).

I’ve been a web designer (not the same thing as a coder, let’s be clear), an internet marketer, a project manager, a payments specialist, executive management at a couple of different tech/payments companies, and I’m still a freelance consultant.

I like to work with companies that are forward thinking, have novel ideas, and are willing to hustle to get the job done.

I don’t like to work with companies that put the blinders on, aren’t considering unintended consequences, or don’t see the value in the Oxford comma.

See, I told you it was pretty simple. 


Kim Stuart talks about mobile advertising and marketing

How about your story?

What are you working on now?  Next?  

Is it something fun and exciting, with the potential to uplift people around the world?  Is it a game changer?  If you think it is, I hope you have a plan, a way to put it in front of people.  If you don’t, eh, you’re basically dead in the water before you even try to swim. 

Maybe it’s not so exciting, maybe it’s just something that helps a specific group of people with a specific task.  Or maybe you’re a creative, and you simply want to create – not to be bothered with the gritty details and the organization. 


Mobile Wallet Marketing Pass on iPhone
Responsive Designs for Mobile Marketing & Digital Ad Campaigns

What will it take for you leave your mark?

There’s so much technology out there in the world today, it’s hard to know what works and what doesn’t.  We find ourselves spending way too much time for way too little return. 

Get a profile here!  Get more followers there!  If you can master PlatformX, you’ll see unicorns and fairies and your life will be beautiful!

Sadly that is not how the real world works.  It takes a plan, and a means to execute the plan, that is, if you really want to succeed.  You have to be organized and disciplined, and work that plan every day. 

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