Mobile Marketing

What is mobile wallet marketing?  How can you use it your business?  What can you do with targeted digital ad campaigns aimed at smart devices?

Who is Kim Stuart?

What does she know?  And can she really show you how to leave your competition in the dust by adding mobile campaigns to your marketing?

Digital Ad Campaigns

Digital ad campaigns are the modern day equivalent of the television, radio and newspaper… all rolled up into one tidy and amazing package.

Why AREN’T you using mobile NOW? 

There is simply NO BETTER WAY to put your information into a smartphone, where it safely stays more than 90% of the time!

Whether it’s real estate lead generation, online marketing and sales, or web based education programs, the direct applications of digital branding and mobile wallet marketing on your business are obvious and clear.

Creating a digital ad campaign is simple, quick and extremely cost effective.  Marketing to prospects and existing customers via iPhone is 15X more effective than using a stand-alone email campaign.


Kim Stuart talks about mobile advertising and marketing
Responsive Designs for Mobile Marketing & Digital Ad Campaigns

There’s nothing new on the internet now. 

The internet isn’t so new any more, but the ways that we use it are always changing, adapting and morphing into the next iteration.

How we market to the users of this fantastic web is varied and many; the most important part for anyone who makes their living online is to keep a close eye on the newest technology, and to be able to separate the fad from fabulous.

Digital marketing is not new, people and companies have been using the internet for advertising since the beginning.  Mobile, however, is FINALLY gaining the prominence in our lives that it has been promising since the days of TV channels on flip phones and the Blackberry wheel.


Is mobile really going to help you get ahead?

By leveraging technology created by companies like Apple, Google and Samsung, you can quickly and easily create campaigns that can be updated in minutes; send push notifications, swap offers and promotions and add geo-fencing and iBeacon notifications with a couple of clicks.  Forget about trying to get users to install your app – everyone with an iPhone already has Apple Wallet (formerly Passbook) already installed!

My partners and I created – the mobile wallet marketing platform that enables business owners to communicate with their customers, and potential customers, via smart phone technology –WITHOUT developing an app or spending to maintain and distribute one.


Mobile Wallet Marketing Pass on iPhone

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