It’s so easy to create a mobile wallet ad campaign that you’re crazy not to at least try it.

If you’re an average person, running a small business, or maybe the marketing manager for a medium sized business, then creating a mobile advertising campaign is probably not the highest priority on your to-do list.

But it’s so darn easy to have a mobile campaign up and running in no time flat using a mobile wallet platform that you’re really only hurting yourself by not giving it a go.

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A mobile wallet app offers you a few things that a stand alone (read: paid for, and supported in perpetuity completely by you) app will never give you:

#1 – Distribution

There’s just no way you have enough contacts, social media followers, or existing customers, to match the scope and type of reach that someone like Apple can give you when you integrate into Apple Wallet. ¬†Think about it. ¬†Every iPhone on the planet (ok, those 4 that are left running iOS5 in outer nowhere are the exception) has the Apple Wallet app installed when iOS updates.

Very few people delete factory installed apps; it’s not really a thing. ¬†And those that do go to the time and trouble to delete it – well, they won’t be using Apple Pay, they won’t manage their loyalty programs on their phones, and they won’t be zipping through security lines at airports with iBeacon enabled boarding passes issued by the major airlines like United, Southwest, American and Virgin.

#2 – Cost Efficiencies

Having someone like Apple manage distribution is also likely to mean they’ll be managing a lot of other stuff. ¬†They’re known for being control freaks when it comes to UX, and they have a staff that’s paid more than your house and mine are worth together to research and develop UX all day.

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Try and build your own app that actually does anything for less than $15,000. ¬†And don’t forget that once you build that beast, you’ve got to keep feeding it.

So really, it doesn’t get any cheaper to deploy mobile campaigns than by using Apple Wallet and a couple of Android counterparts that offer the same functionality.

#3 – User Acceptance

Let’s say you were to spend the money building your own app. ¬†Next item on your list would be getting people to download it. ¬†Notice I did not say use it; we’re nowhere near that point in the cycle yet. ¬†And not really likely to get there, either.

The average life span of an installed app on a phone these days is roughly 72 minutes. ¬†And 90% of time spent using apps (which is alot, you’re right) is dedicated to 6 or fewer apps – including Facebook, Google Maps, Mail, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Weibo, and so on, depending on where your market lives.

Having a preinstalled delivery mechanism that comes straight from the manufacturer is like a gift horse and a half with Apple Wallet. ¬†There’s an additional step with Android, but it’s a small one, and the wallet is universal, so anyone making wallet compatible cards and passes can access it – meaning there’s a fair chance that your Android users might already have one installed.

What does my business do with a campaign on a mobile wallet app?

Well, your company tells interested individuals what’s new, what’s hot, what’s happening, and more.

You can send links to social media campaigns, run surveys, open YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

You can ask your customers or prospects to call you, email you, message you or otherwise take an action.

You can deliver a Map, with driving directions, to your business location, on demand.

You can use location or proximity triggers to send offers to customers or shoppers or diners or casually strolling passersby who are interested in your products in a brick and mortar location.

You can use iBeacons, geofencing and time triggers to better manage your open house if you happen to be a realtor.

You can update listeners, customers, clients, or students if you happen to have a podcast, videocast, or online course, mastermind or study group.


There is much, much more that you can do, but I could still be writing this list come tomorrow and still wouldn’t have run out of suggestions or ideas for you.