Online coaching is one of the fastest growing career markets at the moment; it’s like the new porn.

Whoa!  What?!?  Yep, I did, I said it.  I’m signed up to about 19 billion different email lists and the proportion of people who are either trying to teach you something online, or trying to teach you how to teach something online is redlining like a rocket ship heading to the moon on any chart you might draw.   Online coaching is hot stuff.

On one side, you’ve got the tried and true sorts like Frank Kern, Marie Forleo, Amy Porterfield, Michael Hyatt, and Tony Robbins.   On the other side, you’ve got the ‘new kids on the block’ – Ryan Deiss, Russell Brunson, Todd Brown, Melanie Duncan, Ryan Levesque and Jeanine Blackwell.

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These lists are in no way meant to rate anyone, or to talk smack about who might be good and who might be shady, they’re just super popular names that are in my inbox all the time.  And a lot of people’s inboxes.

[Tweet “I did purposely leave the guy who uses “Hey, boss” as his email salutation every time off my list;”]

There’s no point in sending him any traffic since that “Hey, boss” thing really ticks me off.

So anyway, back to the porn.

I spent a lot of time in the late 90s and the aughts setting up online merchant accounts for a variety of businesses, some of them high risk.  That includes stuff like poker and porn (if you ever wanted to meet some super smart women, get yourself introduced to the behind the scenes porn ladies – that’s a crafty bunch!), and horse racing, diet supplements, etc.

They don’t call it high risk for nothing, but there was a lot of high energy people doing some super cool tech things as well.   Then came Facebook and the whole internet turned upside down, but that’s another story for another time.

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This new career path – online coaching – reminds me of the same marketing techniques and tactics, and that’s a big deal.  Learning how to create a funnel and drive traffic (people in layman’s terms) through the funnel from cold prospect to repeat buyer is definitely an art.  There’s also a lot of luck involved, and when an industry starts to mature, those at the top tend to band together to keep those at the bottom from climbing too close to the top, it’s just human nature.

What does all this talk about online coaching have to do with mobile updates?

Oh yeah, right, I do wander some times.  Here’s my quick 5 things that make the two a perfect match –

  1. Mobile updates that use wallet passes have a 90% retention rate
  2. Updates go directly to lock screen for maximum exposure
  3. Location and context can play a part in “real world” engagement
  4. Response rate compares to SMS (the best!)
  5. They can be re-crafted to reflect new materials, upsells, different offers

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Bottom line  –

If you have an online coaching course, training course, life coaching business, etc and you haven’t looked into using mobile updates to generate more engagement, interaction and excitement from your participants, what are you waiting for?


Seriously, mobile is your new best friend.