People of all ages and types love coupons.  Almost as many people love a mobile coupon on their phone.

It’s no secret that sites like LivingSocial and Groupon have made (and possibly lost) small fortunes pushing the mobile coupon, along with offers and deals via email and other marketing channels. And by giving people a mobile coupon to use in almost every deal.

People have soured somewhat on the online coupon aggregators, and most are struggling right now.  The business model, where coupons are sent to email or queued up on a web page, is not very efficient – who has time to go through a dozen deals to see if one will work?  I think that target is also finding this out with their Cartwheel app.  It’s way too confusing, and not very rewarding for the effort required.

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It’s no secret that almost everyone loves to save some money when they’re shopping.  And any time you, the merchant, can add an element of fun or novelty to a prospective customers shopping trip, it’s going to pay benefits and dividends well beyond what it costs to produce.  Mobile coupons are an easy way to tie location, proximity, offers, discounts and fun into one nifty package.

Survey says…  the mobile coupon is a winner!

Vanassis has recently released the results of a survey they did in advance of National Coupon Month (seriously????  who thinks up these ‘holidays’ – I thought September was National Sewing Month!) with nearly 9000 survey respondents.

When asked about their increased couponing behaviors over the past year, 58 percent of respondents reported using more print coupons, 38 percent said the same about mobile coupons and 32 percent are using a mobile coupon, online coupons or coupon codes more often. Nearly half of the respondents indicated they use six or more coupons per shopping trip with 27 percent using 10 or more coupons. By using coupons, 42 percent of those surveyed save $30 or more each week and 21 percent save $50 or more.

Six or more coupons per shopping trip is a BIG deal – especially if folks are carrying around a bunch of paper coupons.  I admit to using a bunch of CVS coupons myself, and take great delight in looking at their 9 foot long receipts to see what’s getting couponed.

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I also found myself in a spot to double up on their coupons last week, so I’m absolutely onboard with their system lol…  but I refuse, REFUSE, refuse to add their CVS app to my phone, even though they  have offered me a $3 mobile coupon to do it so many times.  I don’t want their app, but I’d love to get relevant lock screen notifications on my mobile phone when I’m near the store.

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A bit more from the survey results –

Additional key findings from survey respondents point to several critical attributes marketers should consider:

  • Proximity: More than half of shoppers say they have visited a store, restaurant or other business after receiving an offer on their mobile device when they were near the business location.
  • In-store mobile: 72 percent of consumers say they have looked for coupons or offers while in-store via their mobile device; millennials (90 percent) and affluent shoppers with $100K+ household incomes (81 percent) are much more likely to do so.
  • Print relevance: 35 percent of shoppers use print and digital coupons equally while 51 percent say they print out digital coupons for use in-store.
  • Digital engagement: More than one-third report feeling “rewarded” by the number of deals/savings received in a given day via email, text, social and app notification.

The important thing in this picture is to decide what sort of offers might be just the thing to tip the shopper into a buyer.  Setting up campaigns that auto-group folks into reasonable demographics so you can effectively market to them, without having to go full into POS integration isn’t rocket science; it does require a bit of thought on your part.

Adding a mobile coupon to your mobile wallet campaigns is as easy as filling out another form on your account page at – but you already know that, right?