MJBizCon Vegas is seriously trying to sneak up on me, but I’m on to that game.

14,000 attendees is the claim on the MJBizCon website right now.  Honestly, that’s enough to make me want to pack my bags and RUN, not walk, the other way.  If there’s one thing I detest more than a trade show with no people, it’s a trade show with too many people.

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Let’s face the facts.  I am not a people person.  Nope, not one bit.  I can’t imagine having to go to an actual office every day and clock in and out for a job – I’m just not fit for that kind of work.  If you want me to work 60 hours a week and be available 80% of the time to answer customer questions or deal with issues, sure, I’m good with that.  Just not while sitting in a chair that doesn’t actually belong to me.

Don’t forget this booth thing, either. 323 is the exact one.

Ha, I am absolutely positive that anyone who has known me for more than about 16 minutes is probably shaking their head at this one.  And if it’s someone that’s known me for more than ten years, you can be assured that they are rolling in the damn floor, laughing their asses off, and peeing in their pants right about now.  My idea of booth duty is swinging by there once every day or so, at best.

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MJBizCon in Las Vegas is the middle of the month – November 15 through 18 – and it’s at the Vegas Convention Center, which gets us all off the hook for staying at the Venetian; Adelson’s stance on marijuana legalization is not a positive one towards the concept.

What’s on tap for the show, you might want to ask…

Since it is a marijuana themed show, we are actually going to have marijuana related products available to those folks who are state legal and compliant, and want to continue to run their business that way.  We’ve been doing a lot of research, a ton of organizing and a carload of getting the ducks in a row.

First up are banking and processing products for cannabis and CBD.

Yes, you read that right.  Actual, real life banking products.  We’ve been busting butt to work out a compliant cash handling system that meets (in our opinion) the BSA/AML guidelines for compliance by auditors and bank officers.  it’s got multiple components to it, but it’s a good system.  This one is restricted to larger volume accounts for now.

PIN debit processing with terminals.  Debit card transactions on-site, with reasonable fees and an easy setup.

Domestic hemp transaction processing.  Great payout schedule, simple approval process, excellent rates.

We’re partnering with a number of different providers on these deals, and we still have the same virtual terminal setup for online or in-location transactions that we’ve been working with for the past few months.

Mobile ad campaigns for retail, event hosts and brands.

Our mobile wallet marketing platform is still going strong and we’re looking forward to adding a slew of new clients to the platform before the end of the year.

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The new iOS expands the profile on the campaign passes and the bigger sized phones really make the graphics look sharp across the board.  Our pricing is super competitive and our simple forms make it easy to use the platform.

New shoes galore!

I once shipped a box of shoes to Vegas before a January show.  I was young then, and while I knew that I couldn’t possibly wear all of those shoes, I knew that I could for sure wear at least most of them, but the real question was which ones would make the cut…  of course I completely forgot how many shoes there are to be bought in Vegas, so that meant that I was taking home even more shoes than I started with…

I think I bought a ball gown for an event while I was there during that trip as well (not the only time I bought a ballgown in Vegas, let’s be clear), and probably some kind of corset under things to keep that ballgown from falling off, since strapless is not really my friend.

If you’re going to the show, drop by and say hello.  It will be crowded as hell, the wifi won’t likely work right, the cell service will be completely overloaded since the prices the venue is charging for wifi service is insane – all of the prices are insane really – how in the HELL can someone justify $123 for a bowl of candy that “serves 12” at a show with a contract that prohibits bringing in ANY outside food or drink for distribution – I want to know those people since they obviously have zero morals, scruples or ethics.

I will likely be wearing fabulous shoes when you see me.  Or flip flops, that’s always an option.