Nearly every country has some version of Memorial Day.

It’s one of the US holidays meant to honor those who have fallen while protecting our citizens, and those of other countries. ¬†Australia and New Zealand have Anzac Day; Canada has Canada Day; a lot of the EU has Remembrance Day.

The men in my family — including the current generation – my cousin’s son has just been deployed to the Phillipines aboard an aircraft carrier as his first Navy posting – have a history of military service, for one reason or another.

My grandfather was a member of the Army Air Corp during WW2, and was interned as a POW in Europe.

He died nearly 30 years ago, and when we were kids he alternated between telling us how he’d been held in Switzerland and how he was captured by Indians – we didn’t get anything too definite from him. ¬†Later in my life, I managed to lose a family photo album that had correspondence between him and my grandmother while he was a POW, as wel as losing a yearbook from my father’s tour on the aircraft carrier USS Forrestal.

Thanks to the brilliance of the internet, I looked up my grandfathers status as a POW, and the details were slim – European Theater as the detainee region, but Undefined for how, why or where. ¬†Too funny, he used to tell us he was on top secret missions and that’s when he was shot down, but as kids we always thought it was him kidding with us. ¬†Now I wonder about the Indians as well.

This is pretty irrelevant to the topic of business, mobile marketing, mobile wallets or anything else work related.

But it’s a special holiday, one that I think we all forget to think about sometimes. ¬†War is not a good thing, and there’s so much unrest – civil, political, racial, you name it – in the world right now I decided to write one update this week, and to make it about something meaningful to me.


I hope your BBQ’s were outstanding, your water gun fights at the pool were magnificent, and you won every game of beer pong that you played! ¬†Have a great week!