March Madness is here again.

There are so many things that could be indicative of March Madness – the Ides of March, the impending snowstorm hitting New England with more than a foot of snow tonight, or the craziness in DC…  but none of those are the March Madness that I’m talking about.  Nope.

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If you aren’t a college basketball fan, you may not understand the draw of the NCAA tournament and how it causes the best (and the worst) of us to stop what we’re doing and watch basketball games on TV for what seems like weeks straight…  even if it is only on the weekends.

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Now that I’ve got your attention, let’s talk about March Madness and the mobile wallet, and what kind of links there are between the two.

First link to March Madness and the mobile wallet is Brexit.

Huh?  WTF?  Yep, that’s right.  If you missed the Brexit vote tracker that Politico EU ran last year (if you’re not sure what Brexit actually means, please Google it, I don’t have time for that s**t here today), then you should check out this article. 

As you can plainly see, the top graphic on the front of the mobile wallet pass is being updated at regularly intervals, so it’s not just the text on the front of back of the pass that’s being used as a marketing tool.

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This kind of thing is pretty simple to set up and to keep updated.  It does require a bit of effort on the customers part, since you would need to choose which games you wanted to cover and submit your graphics ahead of time (make sure you own the copyrights to them, please).

#1 – Choose how you want to group your updates.  

There are four regions to the tournament; for brevity’s sake, I’ll go with a single region and describe the process.    I’m going to use the East bracket, and a basic font face like Montserrat that I use here.   My example teams are playing their game, and I’m updating the pass with the current scores –


march madness


#2 – Make good use of lock screen notifications. 

“March Madness update – new scores for the East Region NOW”


Push Notifications


I’ve recycled an old Domino Research lock screen update for this blog entry, since I obviously haven’t sent any updates related to March Madness yet – they only announced the brackets yesterday!

This way I’m well within the allotted character count, I’m teasing my subscribers and I’m not committing to any specific scores, but promising all of them.  Which, of course, I deliver, on my actual web page or app that I link to from the mobile wallet pass.

#3 – Keep it simple on the face of things. 

Nobody will click through if you are running some tiny graphics full of numbers that no one can understand.  Try to focus on the macro picture and use the back of the pass to link to articles, research, opinion pieces, standings in your fantasy league, or whatever you are actually promoting.


march madness phone sco


Here’s an example of what the full pass would look like, in case you’re having trouble picturing it from my description.

So who is going to use my March Madness mobile wallet passes?

For starters, I’ve got a couple of sports related bloggers who are big into basketball.  I developed the system with them; their goal is to use the updates to get click thru traffic to their blogs.  This, in turn, will help them with the Adsense or other affiliate revenue streams.

More important than the immediate (and small) amounts of revenue is the fact that they’ll be adding to their user base, and will be able to market to this group down the road.  The group has self identified as sports fans, specifically college basketball, and even more narrowly by the region or team they initially chose as their favorite.


Isn’t it crazy how something as simple as a few basketball games can lead to this kind of targeted marketing opportunity?