It’s not that easy to manage events successfully.

It seems like everyone has a trade show or conference these days…  how can you successfully manage events to make your sponsors, vendors and attendees really enjoy your show?

Having a great event depends on a number of factors, but being organized and providing value for the folks who show up (in whatever capacity) is really the key to creating a sustainable event that will see comparable or rising attendee numbers year over year.

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Let’s face it, organizers often drop the ball when it comes to creating a show or event that actually delivers on what it promises; many show producers are really only looking for the payoff, and haven’t given a thought to what happens before the event or after, in terms of real time communications with attendees, vendors and sponsors.

We went to a show in San Francisco a couple of years ago – Wordcamp US – and on the first morning, the fire alarms went off in the building.  So everyone got to stand around outside for nearly an hour waiting on the fire department to come and clear the building.  So the organizers decided to move the presentation that was supposed to happen during the incident to the end of the day, in order to keep the flow moving with the scheduled presentations.

Sounds great, eh?

I felt so sorry for the girl doing the presentation.  Almost no one attended, since no one actually understood that was the plan.  Only the people who showed up in the room where she was supposed to be presenting heard that she’d been rescheduled, and that was by the next group of presenters, not by the show organizers.  Not a good way to manage events.

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Actually it’s such a bad way, and it happens so often, that people have come to expect crappy events, and they’ll still spend money attending and sponsoring these things.  We believe that’s probably going to change, especially as more people in newer industries

We wrote the book.

Seriously, we did write a book.  Our book tells you how to use mobile updates and notifications to make your show more enjoyable for each segment of your attendees – be it speakers, sponsors, or just the people who bought a badge and showed up.

Manage Events with mobile

Click here to download your copy of THE BOOK.  

Whether you are in the trade show business already (and are looking for good ways to keep up with the competition), or you are thinking about hosting a conference or seminar, we’ve made sure to offer up a ton of good ideas and suggestions that span the spectrum from beginner level all the way to experienced host.

Adding a mobile element to help manage events and shows is pretty simple and you can convey as much or as little information as you like by using geo-location, iBeacons, contextual messaging and more to create an atmosphere that provides timely updates, access to information and more to everyone who is part of your event.

Start updating and marketing on behalf of sponsors or vendors prior to your event – again, using mobile – and then proceed to keep everyone on the same page during your show.  Once everyone is home again, start promoting your next event, sponsor products or educational materials via the mobile updates system.


Get the book and manage events more professionally – make attendees, sponsors, and vendors happy!