The Longest yet fastest year. Ever.

The longest, yet fastest, year. Ever.

Oct 12, 2020

I don’t even know where to start.

It’s Oct-freaking-ober already, in case you missed it.  People actually have Halloween decorations out on their lawns, although I’m at a complete loss to understand why they would bother doing that.  This whole year has seemed to be a never ending grind that just keeps trying to catch our society between the millstones, while the water rushes past, going faster and faster, causing the mill to grind more and more quickly while we’re all standing around like idiots watching it start to smoke.

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And yet, it’s only October.  How is it not at least July of next year already?  The days go by at such a slow pace, nothing much changed for months on end – don’t go out, don’t go in, hide in the closet, stay outside, wear a mask, not that one – it’s not good enough; no, not that one either, it’s filtered and you can’t wear it on the airplane without a cheap non-filtered version over the top of it…  the litany of do’s and don’ts beating a staccato drumbeat in the back of our minds until we’re all about to crack from the stress and strain of it all.

Hahaha, it’s the year that just keeps on giving.

I almost had a meltdown a few minutes ago.  How?  Why?  Well, let me start by saying I have been caught somewhere between total slacker and total writers block for the blog over the past few months.  Initially I started out trying to piece together a new format that used books to tell little parables about where I thought we were in things, but then I got tired of feeling like I had to constantly find a new title to re-read and talk about, so I flipped back to regular blogging and then I just let it all slide.

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I started traveling again in August, on airplanes, to places, and to see people.  We drove to LA in July, and we also drove up to Tahoe in August, but I flew to Seattle (more than once by now) to go racing, and we had a girls adventure to Idaho for more racing, and it’s kind of a pain in the ass listening to people bitch and grumble about how they won’t leave their houses because they believe one thing, when I think something different, and it’s not really their business to complain but I figure if you put it out there in public then you are just asking for someone to bitch about it…

How’s that funny?

Well, it’s not.   The funny part is that I completely forgot I had changed the format on my blog post page and when I previewed what I had written so far it did not look ONE FREAKING BIT like what I expected to see, and since I’ve just spent the past hour updating plugins and software versions and fixing a variety of mini disasters that comes from waiting a long time to bother with updates, then it just became a cascade of shit that had to be fixed.  But then I couldn’t figure out how to fix the not really a problem, I just needed to recall what I had done that made it look the way it does, and realize that it’s not even an issue.

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Do you know what’s really crazy?  I don’t even have anything in particular to say today.  Mabel’s cart has just come back from the garage with it’s hot and sexy new two tone paint job it got while I was in Seattle last week, and I’m probably going to take the afternoon off and rearrange things in The Lair yet again so that all of the printer related paraphernalia (ooh, does that sound like some kind of weird 1980’s drug deal going down to you too?) are corralled in the one place, on the cart.  The only real issue with that is the cart shelves are deep and it’s hard to pull out boxes of paper if they are in the bottom of the shelves.

And that, of course, leads to the question about where the matting and framing supplies should be stored.  They are currently living in a drawer with some other cutters and blades, and I suppose we can argue for their continued habitation with those items, especially since that drawer closes and they are out of the way.


Hmmmmm, what to do….


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