The Internet is Eating The World, People, Wake Up!

The Internet is Eating the World!

I’ve suspected it for a long time now, but after yesterday, I am absolutely, positively, sure of it!

Here’s a little anecdote, don’t be too completely bored by it, but it will prove to you that the internet is eating the world, it’s eating your lunch, and if you don’t wake up and get moving, you’ll find yourself with nowhere to go…

We have a truck.  It’s nothing fancy, but it serves a purpose – we haul things around with it.  It’s in great shape, even though it’s not new, but we don’t need a new truck.  We do, however, need the power windows in the not new, great shape, truck, to roll up and down – for a couple of reasons, including security, and more important, air conditioning.

So when our truck decided to drop its back passenger window when Mike was driving it around yesterday, it created a situation that needed to be addressed, or else we would need to clean out the garage, store the truck in there and not use it until it was fixed.

[Tweet “Haha, I don’t know if you’ve ever seen a picture of our garage, but it’s not pretty. “]

When I say drop the window, that’s exactly how he described it.

“Was in the truck and all the sudden there was a bang.  Window fell down and wouldn’t go back up. “

The first decided course of action was to drop it at the dealer’s shop today and let them deal with it.   Unlikely that anyone would steal the truck from our driveway (especially after they didn’t steal anything out of our garage when the door was left open all afternoon and into the evening last Saturday) overnight.  Mike would take the door panel off and try to secure the window glass, but that was all.

He was having some trouble with the door panel, and since Miss Smartypants (I’ll give you two guesses as to which one of us that describes) said that you could learn to do anything from YouTube videos, I did a quick search and found a 3 minute, 41 second version that did the trick.

That led to finding another YouTube video that detailed how to remove the faulty window regulator and replace it, in something like 14 minutes (yes, I know these things are edited to get more views, but still!) – which then led to the auto part store having the part, being open at that moment, and the next thing you know, Mike’s saved $500 in service cost at the dealership, the window is fixed and Miss S was right – you really can learn anything from a YouTube video!

Wow, awesome, good for you guys (um, what does this have to do with the internet, the world or my lunch?), glad you’re riding around in A/C again when you want to haul something… did you really just waste my time reading this for nothing?

[Tweet “Nope, I did not waste your time making you read this for nothing.”]

The moral of the story is right in front of your eyes.   All you have to do is open your eyes, and look around. My gosh, you can’t even get on a train, or go to a restaurant without coming face to face with the entire population using their mobile phone all at once.  Oh, crap, now you get it – YouTube videos are everywhere on mobile phones!  More people watch YouTube videos on their phones than they do on their computers.

If you sell or provide a service, you need to re-evaluate your business model.  

Like NOW.  TODAY.  PRONTO.  Figure out what extra bits and bobs you bring to the table.  Start letting your client base and all your prospects, and the rest of the world KNOW how good you are, what is your else at the table, where does your value add come from; and start now.  Not tomorrow.

Because if I can figure out how to fix a car window on YouTube, I can find out how to sell my own house, buy a new house, find a home inspector (or crazy me, fill out a home inspection form from a DIY kit), fill in the blanks on some legal documents, learn to do a title search (see home inspection form reference), you name it.

And in record time.  

I guarantee you there’s already a YouTube video for that.