IndoExpo Denver was this past weekend (yeah, it’s held in Denver) and I took a quick day trip on Saturday to check it out.

We are participants in the state legal cannabis industry, with our platform, and IndoExpo Denver is certainly a place to go if you want to touch base with the industry.

I hadn’t really planned on going, but at the last minute I decided to fly up on Saturday morning and back home the same evening. ¬†At this stage, one day of nearly any show is plenty for me, my brain can only take so much socializing and meeting new people…

It was a fantastic trip, I met a slew of great, business oriented folks, and learned a lot.  I sat through a couple of seminars that interested me, and learned even more from those.  Patrick Rea, from CanopyBoulder had a presentation about their bootcamp, and talked a lot about qualifying investors and finding companies to invest in; he also detailed all the ways that their group works to promote companies that go through the accelerator program in Boulder.

Since his session was titled Investing in Cannabis, that makes perfect sense, eh?

IndoExpo is very much geared towards the B2B segment of the market –

Grow lights, sensors, giant bags of dirt with giant plants growing in them were features of the main floor, and two auxiliary wings housed the Hemp Hall and a variety of other cannabis related companies.

There were two parallel tracks – one for growers and producers, and one for ancillary businesses, and both tracks had fairly full seminars.

I also sat in on Nic Easley’s talk,¬†To Do or Die: Staying Relevant in the Maturing Cannabis Market. ¬†Nic is a funny guy. ¬†Very soft spoken and had a well thought out presentation; it’s obvious that he really cares about the industry as a whole, and of course, his own business concerns as well.¬†

Honestly, I had no idea that “bongs and thongs” was an actual term in any industry, but now I’m hip to that phrase, lol…

I came back tired, and my feet are still sore from doing a LOT of walking. ¬†Lots of follow up with a variety of people I met on tap for this week, and I’ll be dissecting and discussing a number of pertinent issues on the blog update that’s scheduled to post next week.

Issues I see in the space include payment processing, compliance, risk strategies, and general business concerns that the industry has to deal with – things you just don’t see in too many other businesses and industries.

So that’s going to be upcoming, right now I’m still trying to wrap my head around everyone and everything I experienced.