I like shiny things

I Like Shiny Things.

Nov 11, 2019

Let’s face it, who doesn’t like shiny things?

I’ve been doing design work for the better part of 30 years now – interiors, internet, product design, UX/UI, the whole nine yards.  Before there was an internet, I was designing spaces for people to enjoy their lives, and since the internet came along I have created so many ad campaigns, websites, landing pages, and related stuff that I’m not even sure I can do a project without looking at the inherent design and thinking, “ooh, I can make that better…”, even if I’m not tasked with making anything better.

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I like making things, and I like making things different, I like changing things, and I like tweaking things.  After all, most people do like to have harmony in their environment – which also means making things more efficient in order to accomplish more, and to accomplish it more easily.

Penny for your thoughts…

I’m also a dreamer; I admit it freely.  There are very few things I find more appealing than just sitting around and thinking, letting my mind wander freely through all kinds of ideas.  I do some of my best thinking when I’m in the shower, swimming laps in the pool, or lying in bed after I’ve hit the snooze button for the umpteenth time when the alarm is going off.  (I’m not a morning person, if you didn’t know)

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Every once in a while – ok, multiple times each and every day – I find myself faced with shiny things.  Just like a dog that sees a squirrel, I can’t help but chase those shiny things down the rabbit hole.  (Do squirrels ever hide from dogs in rabbit holes?  There’s something else to think about)

This is why I can’t bake.  I’m too busy adding, subtracting, changing, moving, and tinkering during the process to actually follow some directions and stick the pan in the oven to wait for the results.  That kind of discipline just does not exist in my brain, and it’s not likely to take up residence any time soon.

Just like a magpie going after a button, I often find myself completely off on a tangent – as a matter of fact, it happened to me this morning when I sat down to write this blog.  Originally I intended to whip up a quick graphic; that idea fell by the wayside hours ago when I couldn’t find the EXACT image I wanted to use as a base for my post art; instead I spent nearly a half hour looking at images, only to go back to the first one I chose in the end.

Everything in life is better with fireflies…

After the image situation derailed me, I finally got to work on the graphic, and as I was hitting the Save button, it occurred to me that I should have some bits of gold splatter, or glitter, or firefly overlay to put the finishing touches on the graphic.  (Yes, I already own a firefly overlays filter, doesn’t everyone?)

Another hour (and 6 gigs of downloaded Photoshop and Illustrator actions and brushes) later, I finally added the firefly overlay filter and had the image ready to go.  Although I’m surely ready right this minute to go back into that rabbit hole and start figuring out all the ways I can use the linocut brushes and the vintage outline actions and the fourteen new typefaces I’ve installed on my system.  Only problem is that I don’t have anything else that is in dire need of linocut effects or vintage outlines or even firefly overlays at the moment.

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What I should be doing this afternoon is working on my art print store, or creating some new holiday cards for my almost ready to launch print downloads shop, but I saw this super incredible Codepen for some amazing CSS animations and now I can’t stop thinking about them.

I also have a chair that needs reupholstering, a bathroom wall that needs painting, and a guest room that I’m converting in a new studio space that is piled full of stuff including that chair…

Oh look, a shiny thing!



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