It’s the 25th anniversary of Hempfest this summer, and we’re going to check it out!

I really can’t imagine what 100,000 people (probably more this year since it’s a big anniversary) are doing for three whole days at a cannabis focused outdoor event like Hempfest, but I can’t wait to find out.  ;-}}}

Washington recently made some changes to how dispensaries operate, and it will be interesting to talk to owners at Hempfest and see what kind of impact the new regulations are going to have on their businesses.

The DEA declined to re-schedule marijuana from a Class I substance last week, and while there are a lot of people who are disappointed (especially the ones who thought they might actually de-classify it from the schedule) in that decision.  It’s probably not a bad thing, since moving it to a II or III would likely have meant that rather than recommendations, it would require an actual prescription for FDA tested strains and auxiliary products like edibles.

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Why am I posting about the cannabis industry on my blog?  Well, we recently launched a parallel product to our MobileWalletMarketer mobile marketing campaign platform.

It’s called and it serves the legal cannabis industry in states where advertising is allowed for medicinal or recreational products.

CannabisWallet offers dispensaries, delivery service, event producers, and manufacturers the opportunity to market #MobileFirst just like their mainstream counterparts.

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Hazel had a great trip to Portland last week to check out IndoExpo, which is designed for industry business owners to see the latest in technology and find out about the newest ways to more effectively grow, package and sell product.   They have another show coming up in January in Denver, and we’re excited to potentially partner with them on their event tickets and post-show marketing.

Regardless of how you may personally feel about cannabis use, there are a lot of stats coming in from Colorado and Washington state that demonstrate that recreational use legalization isn’t necessarily the end of the world.

Teen use is down, tax revenues are up; there haven’t been mad mobs of stoners robbing the local mini-marts to get their Doritos fix.  All in all, pretty good news for the industry.

If you’re going to be in Seattle for Hempfest (or any other reason!) this weekend, make sure to let me know – we’d love to meet up with you at the festival!