Ford & Honda Are Tip of Mobile Wallet Marketing Iceberg in Auto

We’ve already told you about the award winning dealership that pushes scheduled service and upsells new (and old) car buyers via mobile wallet pass notifications, and we also mentioned that Honda had announced  a national campaign relying on the same technology (HINT: it’s the same technology that our platform enables) to communicate with consumers.

I ran across a GREAT blog article over the weekend, and I wanted to share it here – it’s really a well written piece about the how, what and why automotive dealers and potentially manufacturers should be looking into mobile wallets, iBeacons and geofencing for engagement and communications with new customers, prospects and existing customers.

But while it’s rather difficult to get your dealership test-drive offer, loyalty card or even business card into your prospects’ physical wallets, it’s easier to send messages to their virtual wallets. 

Once you are there, you can do a lot more than with emails, telephone calls or texts.

I don’t know John, the blog author, but I like the way he writes.  Click here to read the rest.