I’m sure that plenty of people will read this and be confused.  And plenty more will be jumping up and down, screaming “I told you so!  They don’t show conservative news on TV any more”, or something to that effect.

Let me explain what I mean by Facebook is ruining TV for everyone.  Not literally, but figuratively.

The Facebook model works well.  They’ve managed to monetize nearly every part of the use, touch or thought process that involves their servers, their pixels, their posts, or anything else they put their engineering department hands on.  They’ve done it so well that right now, scores of advertising executives, marketing people, and C-level folks are sitting around trying to figure out how to Facebook everything else in our lives.

What does this have to do with TV?  I ran across this article from Adweek, and while the title is innocuous enough – TV Can Be More Watchable With Targeted Ads, the URL slug is hilarious – http://www.adweek.com/brandshare/why-marketers-and-consumers-will-love-future-addressable-tv —

I can’t imagine that marketers and consumers are going to love the same thing as it applies to TV, not today and not ever.  Consumers want TV without commercials, without interruption, hell the HBO trailer before GOT on the iPad app bugs me when I see it.

Consumers do not wish to be targeted, marketed, algorithmed and force fed customized content for every freaking minute of their lives.

And how ad men and cable companies can’t figure this one out is over my head.  Take the number of cord cutters, multiply by almost everyone, and that’s where we are going with this whole situation.  Ever since we figured out how to fast forward through the commercials with Tivo, targeting via those commercials has been fighting a losing battle.

The only time people want to see commercials is during the Super Bowl – and they expect those to be artsy fartsy, funny, fantasy laden acid trips that have nothing to do with selling anything, even though the per second cost of those suckers is through the roof.

Give up while you’re still ahead, ad men.  Don’t make the people finally turn on you completely.  There is nothing in a commercial the way we know it that makes someone say “YAY!  Show it to me again!”…  nope, not a thing.  Maybe this is one reason why podcast listens are through the roof and as many people listen to podcasts as play fantasy sports.