Mobile marketing is a thing.  For real.

If you haven’t developed a mobile marketing strategy for your business yet, you’d best be prepared to hang your head in shame while the rest of the world makes fun of you.

I preach all the time about the value of mobile marketing, how you need to get moving with¬†mobile marketing, why you should be #MobileFirst, and more. ¬† Maybe you read it, maybe you believe what you read, maybe you just laugh at me like I’m a two headed baby from a side show circus… ¬†I don’t really know.

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But, I do know this. ¬†In the midst of one of the most frantic weeks of my life (fresh off the plane from Seattle Hempfest, straight into finding a house to buy and sort out getting a closing scheduled in less than one month – my realtor clients probably are laughing like I’m a two headed baby given that we’re partly financing and TRID is an ugly, ugly thing), I ran across this article.

From the Caribbean. ¬†You know, where they think that a free 7 oz Heineken for showing up is marketing. ¬†Where they don’t even have reliable electricity on some of the islands, and others don’t have fresh water unless they desalinize the ocean to get it.

CaribbeanNewsNow is running an article about mobile marketing and while they didn’t exactly write the article, they found the content so compelling that they used it in their blog.

That is huge.  Just huge.  Even the (arguably) second world gets it.

Mobile Marketing: Is It Able To Save The Economy?

Is it possible that mobile marketing could save the economy? Well, not single-handedly, it will play a major role in enlarging consumer expenditure. One thing you can say for sure ‚Äď patrons will purchase anything if the price is right.

Ok, perhaps this guy is laying it on a little thickly, but the premise is a sound one.  Save your business, grow your business, reach your customers where they hang out.

Reasons why mobile marketing is the best way to market your business

With the economy down and at the same time more and more people are starting to use a variety of mobile devices, the benefits of mobile marketing has never been more apparent. This is because mobile marketing is one of the best methods to boost your business in these hard times. Companies must find new ways to reach out to their potential markets so that customers can become once again responsive to their sales pitch and there is no other logical way to go but mobile marketing.

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The very idea of mobile marketing, mobile advertising and mobile promotions is not a new one. ¬†It’s not that complicated to learn, manage, introduce or master. ¬†Like, we’re talking so easy that if you can fill out a form, you can manage a successful mobile campaign.

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If you haven’t moved to mobile marketing or mobile advertising yet, what is holding you back? ¬†Are you afraid of the cost? ¬†The learning curve? ¬†The time investment to be up and running properly?

Each of these objections can be pretty easily overcome using any number of mobile marketing platforms Рincluding Facebook mobile solutions, Google mobile solutions, or our platform, of course.  Making a choice to start with one and then expand into the others is the simple, easy way to get started.

Facing the fact that if you don’t transition into some kind of mobile strategy you will be left in the dust by your competition is the first step to creating a mobile marketing strategy and starting to implement it one part at a time.