Digital business card creator admin screenshot

So I wrote an article the other day, for one of our sites – Direct Promotion via Digital Business Cards – and I wanted to mention it here (sometimes I copy my articles into my blog here, but our platform site is not set up for that) — and suggest that you give it a once over.

(You can also sign up for my upcoming webinar – 5 Key Tools for Creating Effective Digital Business Cards)

You’ll find a simple primer on what constitutes a digital business card (no, taking a picture of your paper card and showing it to people does not!),  and a few quick examples of how you can have your digital business cards working for you in no time flat.

I’ve also produced a short video below that highlights the points of engagement on the back of digital business cards that are compatible with Apple Passbook and demonstrates the value-add that you bring to your group by including digital business cards in your marketing process.   Google Wallet is a great place for card drops, but does not offer the same level of interactive functionality…  yet.

In the next couple of weeks, I’m going to talk more about how digital business cards are effective for specific groups – mastermind leaders, business consultants, executive coaches, and ANYONE with an ONLINE COURSE.  

One of the key takeaways for using digital business cards is flexibility.  

Some of the best uses for digital business cards include:

  • direct engagement with existing customers
  • pushing course material updates or bonus/free material out to current clients
  • direct connection to prospects via mobile device
  • live links on back of cards in Passbook offer additional engagement points and opportunities
  • track feedback and usage directly from the pass in the admin interface

And don’t forget to sign up for my upcoming webinar – 5 Key Tools for Creating Effective Digital Business Cards —