The digital wallet pass is an opportunity to change your “marketing think”.

Got it?¬† You do?¬† Ok, great.¬† (Got it, but err, um, what’s a digital wallet pass again?)¬† Yeah, I see how this is going already. ¬†Sometimes I call it a mobile wallet pass, or a mobile wallet ad, or a digital wallet ad, I admit to being more than a little bit fast and loose with terminology.

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I can hand you a use case based on pretty much ANY business that you can name. ¬†The digital wallet pass is all about engagement, interaction, and making your prospects and customers feel like you have their best interests in mind. ¬†Whether you do or not is another situation entirely, but for the sake of this post, I’m going to work from the idea that you are customer-centric and you do actually care about your user base. ¬†(See how I did that?)

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What’s so great about digital, wallets, and passes?

It’s really the combination of the three words into digital wallet pass that makes it special. ¬†Digital is everything, all the time now, so no great surprise there. ¬†Wallets are something that people need to grab in order to pay you for your product, and you should be motivated to get them to grab their wallets because they like you and your product; passes are simply a representation of an idea – be it a coupon, an offer, a business card, a loyalty card, or anything else that’s better represented without killing trees while engaging your customers and prospects in a meaningful way.

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The digital wallet pass also has a HUGE advantage over it’s paper, television, radio or bus stop ad counterpart – it’s clever. ¬†It’s so clever that it can sense when your prospect is near your location (if you have a brick and mortar store or happen to be headlining a trade show keynote); it can sense when it’s the first Tuesday of the month and you’ve just dropped a new podcast episode that is ready for promotion, or you can simply tell it to push out a flash sale for a new online coaching class that you’ve launched.

How is the digital marketing pass so clever?

Because it’s a location and context based platform. ¬†We can use geo-fencing or geocaching to tell it about wide area locations (the four corners of the convention center where you’re speaking, for instance), or we can use iBeacons to tell it about small area locations (the inside of your retail shop comes to mind). ¬†We can use time based notifications to push out your flash sale in my above example, or we can time the messaging to your podcast launch cycle.

That means you can literally change your “marketing think” to incorporate ideas that offer you the chance to directly interact with prospects and customers at the points in their experience with you that will be the most meaningful and the most likely to convert those moments into the action items you want them to take.

No big deal. ¬†It’s all set up to work around you, in a way that makes you look good.