Creating an effective mobile wallet advertising campaign should only take a few minutes.

If you’re spending more than a few minutes creating a mobile wallet advertising campaign, you’re doing it wrong.

You might be asking yourself if I’m on drugs this morning, but other than one too many cups of espresso, the solid answer is no.

Your mobile advertising should be an extension, a portion if you like, of your overall marketing strategy.  Tying all the pieces together and having a cohesive set of marketing materials is one of the more critical bits to using your time, and your advertising dollars, wisely.

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When you’re putting together an ad campaign or a marketing strategy for your business, you want to think about the various parts that should (NEED!) to work together, in order to have an effective presentation across multiple channels and using multiple media outlets in order to push a unified message.

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Let’s move on, and chat a bit about how easy it is to create a mobile wallet advertising campaign (and let’s assume that you’re already running Facebook, LinkedIn, Adwords, or some other form of online advertising) by leveraging your existing collateral.

Perhaps you run an online coaching service –

And you have a LinkedIn group, a Facebook group, a regularly scheduled webinar, and a collection of videos that you use as part of your training course.   Let’s also assume you send out a mailer to your prospects and clients on a regular basis.

#1 – The first element to creating a successful mobile extension of your marketing campaign is to determine what graphic content you can scale down to present beautifully on a smartphone.  Keep in mind that no matter what size someone’s phone may be, it’s still a tiny screen compared to a laptop or a monitor.

Here’s the first impression someone sees when looking at your mobile wallet advertising campaign.

Creating Effective Mobile Wallet Advertising Campaign in Minutes

This screenshot contains a live demo link. 

Here’s a sample campaign screenshot that I created – this is the front of the campaign as it appears on an iPhone.

If you’re reading this on mobile, go ahead and tap the image, which contains a link to the mobile wallet advertising campaign – iPhone users will see Apple Wallet open and Android users will have a couple of wallet options (if there’s not one installed already) in Google Play – so you can view a live demo of how the campaign appears and works.

You can also open Apple Wallet (or any QR code reader on Android) and scan the QR code on the screenshot to add the campaign to your phone.

If you have spent any time on my site, you’ll realize that I took the cover of my site and converted it to a scaled down horizontal “strip” to use on the front of the campaign.   Since I use a cursive version of my name as my logo, I incorporated that directly from the .png file that I also scaled to size.

So far, I’m about 3 minutes into the process when starting from scratch.

We like to say that the back of the campaign is where all the magic happens.  While the front makes the first impression, the back offers so many opportunities for interaction, calls to action, and providing valuable information that we tend to stress the importance of choosing quality text for your links.

creating effective mobile wallet advertising campaigns

Drumroll, please!  The screenshot of the back of the campaign.

This is a screenshot of the back (also a live link to the campaign download) – you are able to include links to a wide variety of content – pretty much anything that iPhone will recognize as an app, either existing or available in the App Store.

Our Android partners who create the third party wallet apps we use do an excellent job of mirroring the functionality and context that Apple sets out – this means you design once for both products, and there’s no tweaking or extra work involved for compatibility.

Use the links on the back to drive traffic to your existing content – web sites, social media campaigns, groups and pages, search results, other apps, Maps, video content like YouTube or Vimeo, Phone dialer or Email composer…  as I mentioned, anything the phone recognizes will launch directly when the link is tapped on the phone.

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And that’s the process.

Figuring that it took me 4 minutes to add the links and text titles, I’m at the 7 minute mark from start to ready to roll with my mobile wallet advertising campaign.

Let’s go back to our example, you’re the online coach and you want to integrate the mobile wallet advertising campaign into your existing campaigns and use your current collateral.

The 2 minute walkthrough:

#1 – Choose an image that will scale well to mobile size.  Do the same with a version of your logo.

#2 – Decide what content you want to drive traffic to initially.  Pull text captions for the links from your existing web pages, social media campaigns, or other ad materials.  Gather a list of the links you want to send the traffic to, and be ready to cut and paste.

#3 – Cut and paste the bits and pieces into the form.

That’s it.  We do the work, send you the draft of the campaign for approval, and then you get your links and QR code for the campaign.

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Stay tuned for Part 2, where I’m going to break down the most effective order of back links, and what type of text to choose for links to get the best response rate.