Like my work?

You are AWESOME! 

I have two different printing options for you – both are online, but it’s going to depend on whether you are looking for framed art or something more fun, like a new shower curtain or a tote bag, for instance.  

  • Society6 is the option for fun items, furniture, tote bags, throws, that type of item.   They also carry basic prints, with limited framing options. 
  • LevelPress is going to be your choice for most prints, especially if you want flexibility in the finished product – there are a LOT of different mats, frames, colors, sizes, and treatments available.  

If you see something that doesn’t appear to be available the way you would like it, you can always drop me a line and I’m happy to add it (some work isn’t suitable for certain items due to scaling and proportions) if possible.  



visually stunning digital media prints
Custom printing, matting and framing is available for digital media art.

New in the Print Shop

Dancing Woman

  • Line drawing available in 6 standard colors and 4 standard sizes.
  • Framed art, furnishings, tabletop, accessories, phone cases, etc.  

Message me if you are looking for a size or color that’s not available and I will see what I can do for you.

Tap here to order framed art. 

Tap here to order fun stuff. 


Rich Black


Davy's Grey

Lusty Gallant

Paradise Pink


Get it from my LevelPress Shop.  Choose from hundreds of frames, dozens of mat options, or order just a print.

Additional pieces available for custom printing and framing in the digital media gallery.