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A Change Will Do You Good

Aug 2, 2020

Are you sick and tired of your current surroundings?

Even if it’s a place you love?

I’m going to guess that most people have been home pretty much non-stop since sometime this past spring.  We literally went from the beaches of Puerto Vallarta to ripping out the carpet in some of our house, and we haven’t (ok, I haven’t, Mike got out for a bit if you count an upwind boat delivery from LA to SF an outing lol) gone much of anywhere since that time.

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Which is completely crazy at our house.  Seriously, someone is always getting ready or just getting back from a sailing regatta, a trip to somewhere, or a trip to somewhere else.  Sometimes we go together but we often go alone to meet up with friends or family and hang out.  We’ve gotten along really well at home together in this non-stop togetherness, but once it got really hot at home – 115 degrees is really hot if you ask me – then we became trapped in our lovely house; the options are to get outside before 7 am to do anything – walk the dog mostly, since the kayaking situation has been on hold with nowhere to put in to paddle that we like.

Crazy is as crazy does.

Speaking of that situation – and with the caveat that we don’t have it nearly so crazy as some places – how can it be that a person can go on a kayak paddle with other people they don’t know, but people with their own kayaks can’t come to the same private facility and put their kayaks in the water to paddle?  F’ing NUTS.  The only person either of us comes into contact with is the person who takes our cash, and we could pay that online if it were an option.  But the way the executive order was written, this is the way of it.  Our option would be to go park down the road at the national park lot, put in there and paddle – missing the best stretch of the river which is just upstream by the private facility.

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So yeah, stupidity has taken over in so many little ways these days that it makes me want to scream.  And being in the house from 7 am to 6 pm when there’s enough shade to swim in the pool without getting fried by the relentless sun, it makes for getting a lot of projects done, like learning how to setup projects for my new commercial grade Canon inkjet printer to run, but it also means that eventually we go stir crazy.

If you haven’t left your house yet, I am SURE you must be also.  And I feel your pain.  We looked a few weeks ago at renting a cabin in the mountains north of us, but nothing was available on short notice.  That hasn’t changed one bit.  We decided to drive over to LA, to the coast instead.  Put the little boat in the water and sail it, Mike can golf with his brother, and since there are so many dog friendly hotels in town, we don’t have to make that slog over to the kennel to stash the peanut pooper.

You gotta do it soon, trust me.

And here we are!  Long drive yesterday, ok not that long but long enough, and we got a studio suite so I loaded up all the food in our fridge that wouldn’t last through midweek when we go home, and if we don’t eat it, oh well but if we do eat it then we didn’t waste it…  and it’s really decadent when you can just sit and eat blueberries by the handful out of the Costco sized clamshell, I will say that.

This morning was a lovely ride up the beach path on our bikes (driving does mean bringing almost anything along!) in the fog – we rode over Ballona Creek and into del Rey, almost into my old neighborhood but we turned around and came back so Mike would have plenty of time to get ready for golf.  The dog and I are spending the day goofing off, catching up on some graphics, having a few little walks – and maybe a big walk once we see how warm it’s going to be outside – and as I said, eating blueberries by the handful.

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We’re only here for a few days, and that’s alright.  It’s going to be hotter than forty hells at home when we get back, and that’s alright.  It’s a lot of driving but it means bringing the dog and the bikes and the sailing gear (tomorrow!) and the golf clubs, and anything else that we wanted in case we decided to do something.

You can do it quietly.

The powers that be in downtown El Segundo have closed off one of the cross streets and installed outdoor dining tables – it’s quaint and it’s lovely and I love it!  I hope they keep it that way after this is all done and dusted.  It adds a very friendly vibe to the area, which firmly takes it out of the “sleepy beach town” category that I considered it when I lived in Venice.

So get out!  Go somewhere!  Take your masks and your hand sanitizer and keep your social distance but just get out of your house, get out of your immediate area, and go!  The mental boost is worth all the headache and the preparation and the details.  It hasn’t even been 24 hours since we arrived, and we aren’t staying that long, but I already feel lighter and brighter and less like I am trapped in a cage of my own making.


Seriously, just do it.  You’ll be glad you did. 

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