Boredom Busters - what to do when you don't feel like working

Boredom: When You Don’t Feel Like Doing Anything

Oct 28, 2019

Boredom is a constant state of battle for me.

It happens to all of us, it’s completely unavoidable – boredom – I don’t care how great you think your clients are, how fabulous you think your business is, or how amazingly lucky you think you are to be doing what you are doing in your business and your creative life.

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I consider myself to be pretty fortunate.  I work with some incredibly cool people, I have just enough free time to do side projects and create things that I consider to be fun and occasionally exciting.  I get to travel, go sailing (ok, racing is more like it), and yet I still find myself bored to tears now and again.

Some days I think it’s a perverse form of procrastination; others I think I’m just lazy.  Once in a while I sit around, idly doing nothing, trying to determine whether it’s a case of creative block, or if it’s just a matter of sheer boredom.  Let’s face it, we all get bored.

It all sounds like blah, blah, blah.

Indeed, there are days where I wake up and the entire world around me reads like a bad lip reading of Charlie Brown’s teacher!  Blah this, blah that, boring, boring, horribly pedantic and worse.  Is there anything actually worse than horribly pedantic?  I’m not really sure although I did get up at 8 am this morning and make a lasagna, so it could set up properly in time for dinner this evening.  That’s saying something, I’m just not sure exactly what.  It also doesn’t help that I’m caught in the middle of some sort of freakish allergy attack or perhaps a cold — I’m totally miserable, it’s impossible to leave the house, I’ve read as many shelter mags on my iPad as I can, and I need to get a bunch of files finished up and pushed to my Society6 store in time for early holiday shoppers.

Oh and did I mention I haven’t even bothered working on a new website to centralize all my art prints and home dec goods in months?  Pathetic, I know.  It’s not like I’m sitting around binging on The Durrells in Corfu since Mike and I are watching that one together and so we’re limiting it to four or five episodes each week; he simply cannot handle it any more frequently lol!

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I actually thought I had a plan this morning, get up, go for a quick half hour bike ride, make the lasagna, get half my files sorted, do a bit of home shopping (I desperately have to find a pair of mirrors for my master bath so I can rip this big ugly slab of flat mirror off and chuck it in the rubbish bin), and then spend a bit of time creating some new collateral this afternoon.

Um, no.  Woke up, sniffling like a coke addict after a three day bender, then the runny nose and watery eyes started.  Tried walking the dog but that didn’t really cure the problem, which is when I began to suspect it was not just an allergy issue.  Then Mike turns up with the same symptoms which is completely dodgy since we can’t both be having a bad reaction to the same allergy pill we take every night.  And it’s mystifying as to how we might both be coming down with the same exact cold at the same exact time, other than we did have a surprise guest the other day and we went to Costco so maybe the germs came from one of those or the other…  too late to sleuth it out, now it’s just down to sitting around being bored to death.  And sneezing and snuffling while being bored.

Get a grip already.

Oh, right.  Back to the boredom busters.  So on the off chance that this is just some menial little sniffling situation, that’s not going to turn into a full on viral meltdown (which had best not happen since I’m traveling next week and don’t have the time to be sick, ugh) I finally decided the best idea was to get up and just write the damn blog for Monday.

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That’s really the trick to most of it – you can’t just keep sitting there in a state of ennui.  You’ve got to pick something, anything, and get into doing it.  I tend to choose the medium sized tasks, since they also work as fantastically productive procrastination pieces in addition to stretching out one’s mind and fighting the boredom.

I’m also struggling mightily with the reclamation of my former guest room into an actual work/studio space for myself, and I’m not getting anywhere quickly on it at all.  I seem to be torn between keeping the overall tone of the rest of the house or just going flat out nutter with the paint and trims.  Every time I think I have it, I figure out that I don’t.

I do think that it’s because the current carpet has to be ripped out so we can get a look at what’s got to happen to the floor in order to lay the tile properly, and until I get it into my head that we’re going to tile and which tile it’s going to be, it’s still rather difficult to visualize.

Have I made any lists of what needs doing? Or what goals, thoughts, lofty ambitions, etc that I have for this tiny little box of a space that has a ridiculously poor layout between the door, the window and the closet?  Haha, nope.  Maybe I’m overwhelmed, maybe I’m procrastinating, maybe it’s some kind of creepy boredom…  or just the fact that I’m going away for nearly a week, then I’ll be back for a week, then gone for a few more days, and I only just realized that Halloween is next week, and Thanksgiving is still many weeks away, and my idea that I would wait until my Thanksgiving guest had departed to start on it is just f**king stupid.

Boredom will win if you let it.

So you see what I just did here?  I forced myself to sit down and take stock of my seeming ineptitude and slothful actions, and I’ve just realized that I’ve got days and days to get this going.  I may not have it all finished by Thanksgiving, and I’m very sad that we are sniffling to beat the band today, since we’d be much better off at the flooring store or looking for a pair of mirrors.

At the moment, my head’s a little heavy, and I can feel the fluid moving around if I tilt it from one side to the other, but I’m at least hopeful that we’ll make our bike ride this weekend and get over to the stores to look for ideas, if not actual purchases.  There are a few stores in Scottsdale that I would not mind checking out also, perhaps we can do a bike ride up there and then have a swing through…  now that I’m all fired up and ready to go bang out those art files as soon as I’ve finished here…  at least I’m in motion now.


An object at rest tends to stay at rest; an object in motion tends to stay in motion.



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