Well, the short answer is no.  At least not while Apple controls so much of the handset market with the iPhone.

This is not a new conundrum – HTML5 vs native apps has been cycling around and around and around like water in the just flushed toilet bowl for years now.

The real issue here, which the article overlooks, is NOT the litany of problems with platform lock-in and so on – its the problem with app discovery, which has become just as problematic as it is to get your website noticed without a good sized marketing budget or some plain old fashioned good luck.

There’s currently a litany of¬†problems with apps. There is the platform lock-in and the space the apps take up on the device. Updating apps is a pain that users often ignore, leaving broken or vulnerable versions in use long after they’ve been allegedly patched. Apps are also a lot of work for developers‚ÄĒit’s not easy to write native apps to run on both Android and iOS, never mind considering¬†Windows Phone and BlackBerry.

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