Apple Wallet coupons are a super effective, cost efficient means to bridge online and offline.

Do you run a local business?  And do you also have an online presence of some sort (but not a shopping cart based system?)   Are you looking at how you can generate interest online but close sales at the cash register?  There are several ways that you can expand your customer prospect list, and using Apple Wallet coupons is a very simple and cost effective way to increase your reach without breaking the bank.

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Let’s suppose, for the sake of this article, that you’re already using Google My Business and Facebook Business Pages, or maybe LinkedIn Business Pages, in order to cast a wider net when you’re attempting to attract new customers to your existing local business.  What are some ways that you can use Apple Wallet coupons to maximize the dollars you’re spending on existing advertising – hopefully increasing both sales and profit in your offline business.

Apple Wallet coupons are easier to implement than building an online storefront.

If you create an online store, you’ll need to find a way to tie ordering, inventory, payment processing and shipping together into your existing system.  Not impossible, but certainly not inexpensive.  You’ll also need to add an online customer service element to your platform as well, but you can also generate customer goodwill and offset some of your customer service needs by using Apple Wallet coupons (bet you didn’t know that!).

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If you’re looking for some easy ways to use Apple Wallet coupons to integrate your online and offline campaigns, here are a few simple – but exceedingly effective – suggestions:

#1 – Create customized promotions and include the links on your Google, FB, LinkedIn, YellowPages, etc online advertising.

It takes just a few minutes to create Apple Wallet coupons and everyone with an iPhone can instantly use them.  Android folks can use them too, they simply need to download a universal mobile wallet app from Google Play.

#2 – Add location and proximity based triggers to your Apple Wallet coupons so potential customers will know they are close to your business and can redeem offers.

More than 60% of consumers who receive proximity notifications for Apple Wallet coupons will use them within minutes.  Yes, you read that right – more than half of your prospects will redeem your coupons almost immediately if you send them a lock screen notification while they are close to your business.

#3 – Create “customer service coupons” for your existing customers to install and use.

Model these as ‘service after the sale’ type of promotions and you’ll be surprised at just how many of your customers will add them to their Apple Wallet or Android wallets.  You can connect with customers when you have sales, when you want to survey them to get feedback about your business or their purchases, or when you just want to say hello.

You can make changes to campaigns AND tell your prospective customers at the same time.

This is really the icing on the cake.  If you’ve got new merchandise, have special offers, or are running a sale, you only need to send a single update out to everyone who has your Apple Wallet coupons installed on their smart phone.  Customers can tap through to the back side of the coupon and get information and links to your business pages directly from the coupon – something they can’t do with radio, TV, or print ads!


Coupons that can talk to your customers are inexpensive, yet very efficient, means to connect and interact with your prospects and referrals!