Yes, I know, last week the Grand Canyon, this week Hawaii’s Big Island. ¬†Someone has to do it!

Volcano Crater Big IslandIt’s really more of a working retreat than a vacation – but I’m not going to lie, of course there will be beach trips and sailing and bbq’s and all that good stuff, but there will also be podcast recordings and strategy sessions and the things we normal do when Hazel and I get together to work in Phoenix, SF, or Vancouver.

It’s also a great chance for us to meet with business owners on the island; tourist-centric businesses and others that are heavily marketed online are like white and rice with mobile wallet marketing passes… ¬†or pancakes and syrup… ¬†or humidity and frizzy hair… ¬†oh, wait, that’s my hair, oops!



And it gives us a chance to get feedback from companies that we’re already working with in the area –¬†so it’s kind of a win-win for everyone.

Panorama Big Iland

Since I’m scheduling this before I go, I’ll toss in a few pics from the last trip over to fill in the gaps. ¬†We hiked across the crater (luckily it rained on us, since boy, it started to get hot!) after hiking around the upper rim at Volcanoes National Park. ¬†What a cool place that is to visit.

Big Island Beach

Actually if you’ve never been to Hawaii (specifically the Big Island), you should plan a trip. ¬†It’s got a little bit of everything and the opportunity to do a whole lot of nothing as well. ¬†Everything from snorkeling, diving and beaches to the Mauna Kea Observatory – not to be missed! – and all kinds of activities in the cooler elevations.