5 Easy Tools for Mobile Wallet Drop-Ins Marketing 

We’re co-hosting this awesome webinar to¬†teach you how to use five easy¬†tools to create and manage your mobile wallet marketing.

Create your mobile wallet marketing campaign in less than five minutes WITH iBeacons and geo notifications included!


Join us this Tuesday — St Paddy’s Day (March 17th) at 10 am – Pacific – when we co-host a live webinar that will show you these five easy tools to get started and start generating revenue and boosting your bottom line –¬†

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Mobile wallet drop-ins marketing strategies including specific cases for :

  • Restaurants, bars, hospitality
  • Event Venues
  • Seasonal business
  • Location based businesses such as food trucks
  • Retail stores

Learn how to grow your bottom line effortlessly, register for the webinar and be sure to join us!

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