It seems like everyone has a podcast these days.

And that would be likely true – iTunes has more than 300,000 podcast series listed in the directory, and about 60,000 of those are considered active, which means they have some kind of recent updates. ¬† It also means that it’s super hard to get noticed, especially if you’re relying on iTunes to help with that. ¬†Podcast marketing becomes incredibly important as part of the overall marketing strategy.

There are two primary reasons to host and produce a podcast –

  1. ¬†Entertainment programming, with ad revenue to support the show. ¬†Shows that fit this description include Serial, the uber popular podcast that NPR’s This American Life group created. ¬†Serial was so wildly successful that it created a jump in the number of podcasts and listeners to podcasts that brought the medium back into the limelight.
  2. Business promotion programming, or using the podcast as a marketing tool, similar to webinars, video marketing or running a blog to generate leads and revenue.   A large number of new podcasts are designed with business promotion in mind, and if you are producing a podcast for marketing purposes, this article is definitely for you.

You have to get noticed in order to get listeners. ¬†(That’s why we’re talking podcast marketing here!)

Right? ¬†Otherwise you’re just talking to dead air, no one hears you and you don’t get your point across. ¬†So what are the best ways to get yourself and your podcast noticed, and to increase your listener numbers with each new episode? ¬†Podcast marketing is how you are going to get your numbers up!


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We published an article about understanding how podcast stats should be measured, and what stats are important to getting an accurate metric.  Before you can figure out what stats are good and which ones need work, you need to formulate a podcast marketing plan and start working it just like you would social media or email list building.

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Make sure you get your podcast listed with all of the syndication apps, not just iTunes.

There’s Stitcher, Spreaker, SoundCloud, Google Play Music, and TuneIn. ¬†You’re probably not going to see a lot of traffic from any of them individually, but you’ll want to be accessible in as many ways as possible. ¬† This will also help give you more SEO juice (and I do hope that you’re writing every podcast episode just like you would a blog post that you’re going to promote; think carefully about the excerpt, since that’s what most syndication apps will display.


3 Tips for Successful Podcast Marketing

Check out this screenshot from one of our blog pages Рwe use the sidebar to promote podcast updates to mobile directly from the page. 

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Link your podcast from EVERY possible channel that you have available to you.

If you have a mailing list, then include your podcast marketing updates in each mailer you send out – use the sidebar or the footer and pull in the updated information using the RSS feed feature in your mailing list software.

Don’t forget social media – include a link to your podcast in the profile for each and every one of your accounts. ¬†Make a Pinterest board for your podcast episodes and update it each time you launch a new one. ¬†Push your updates to Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Tumblr, etc – again, you probably won’t get giant organic traffic from any single source, but every little bit helps.

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The most effective communications with prospects are done on mobile these days.

Face the facts. ¬†People look at their lock screens an average of 150 times EACH DAY. ¬†That’s a lot of attention to such a small piece of real estate. ¬†For some people it’s a habit, for others it’s their preferred method of communication; for nearly everyone, it’s the primary means of communication, and the one they pay attention to the most.

How can you set up lock screen notifications for your podcast?

There are a couple of ways that you can set up push notifications that go directly to the lock screen. ¬†The easiest and fastest way to set this up is to leverage existing apps like Apple Wallet – EVERY iPhone being used today already has the Wallet app installed, and it can’t be removed. ¬†That’s a potential install base of half of the modern world, not to mention that iOS users historically spend more money than their Android carrying cousins.

Using Apple Wallet for push notifications is the most effective way to get on the lock screen.

Setting up notifications using the mobile wallet marketing passes (like Tommy Chong podcast updates or Modern Love from the New York Times) is quick and easy to do; it takes about a day to get set up and running.

Mobile wallet marketing passes can be installed in two different ways, tapping a direct link from the mobile phone or scanning a QR code with the mobile phone.  This drops the pass into the Apple Wallet (or Android wallet app) and enables the push notifications.

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What?  Referrals?  How does this happen?

You’re in luck, it’s super easy – the person with the pass installed taps the Share button on the back of the pass or they let their friends, neighbors, or co-workers scan the QR code on the front of the pass with their mobile phone.

This means that your passes (and updates) can easily go viral and increase your listener counts without additional effort on your part!

Hit me up if you’re still not sure how to get started, I’m happy to help out –