I read.  A lot.

Like seriously, hours each day.  I start my day in bed reading my emails, and I usually end my day in bed reading a book or a magazine, depending on how my day went.  ;)

I also read a lot of stuff online, and it’s not all Facebook either (yeah, I admit to reading way too much FB but I’ll bet that you do too!).  So for lack of a better topic today, I thought I’d tell you what I like to read that has absolutely nothing to do with mobile, marketing, advertising, or any of the typical topics.

What sort of stuff catches my eye?

I tend to gravitate towards blogs that actually teach you something – whether it’s how to splice rope using florist wire, or what sort of apple makes the best sauce for pork tenderloin.  I’m not really into video content (me and maybe three other people in the world, I know), since I truly prefer to read things.

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I’m deliberately avoiding ANY kind of politics in this post, I’ve got my thoughts, you’ve got yours, and we’ll just leave it at that, in case we don’t think the same way.

I also like design-centric blogs, articles, etc – not necessarily a how-to sort of thing but more along the lines of design history, philosophy, etc.  I like to know the WHY of stuff, not just the HOW, if you follow my meaning.

First up –

How about the entire Design category at Wired.com – seriously, I can read every article they publish; there are a couple of bits and pieces that don’t thrill me, but overall it’s one that I really like.  All kinds of cool articles, great stuff to chew on, and while I don’t read it every day (I don’t even read the aforementioned FB every day!), I do get the synopsis in my email and selectively choose from there.

3 blogs i like


(November 2017 update – I can actually read the entire Wired website pretty much any time.  It should be all kinds of cluttered with all that stuff on there, and there’s nowhere near the amount of negative space that I would use, but it’s like some kind of weird techno-bohemian thing that just does it for me…)

In the number two spot –

Anything by Andy Baraghani at BonAppetit.com — 

Yeah, seriously, I adore the guy.  I have a serious Mediterranean/Middle Eastern food fetish (Jerusalem is my favorite Ottolenghi cookbook), and he’s one of my favorite ways to not only get a good recipe to work from when I cook, but he also provides a lot of insights into the culture and why you cook a food a certain way, or how it came to be that it’s done this way (one of the same reasons I love the Jerusalem cookbook).
3 blogs i like

Final entry?  This one was a toss up –

We’re dab smack in the middle of doing a cosmetic remodel on our house, so I’m immersed in design for that little project nearly day and night.  If you don’t know my history, I was a residential, commercial, and light industrial designer before the innerwebs came along and ate my brain, so that’s the sort of stuff I totally gravitate to, even without the added impetus of being able to decide to move a swimming pool pump 12 feet to the left because the current location offends us.   I was a renter for a long time – by choice – and while it certainly is nice to be able to decide where the pool pump should go, it can also be a real chore to finish getting it there…

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Drum roll, please…

The Jungalow blog and Madcap Cottage are my third choice.  I just couldn’t pick one.  I’ve tried so hard over the years to be a minimalist, and I simply cannot do it.  It does not work for me.  I’m not a hoarder (yet) but the idea that you have one thing on display in one space is too hard for me to do.  There are too many wonderful things that one runs across to pick so few to share.

And the idea that I’d be organized enough to keep things in storage to “rotate through” is ludicrous!  I’ve not got the time nor the energy to do something like that.  So I love these design-y blogs where they manage to toss the entire lot and the kitchen sink into the air and sort them out into an eclectic mix of fabulousness.

blogs i like


So there you have it, my sort of list.  And now I’m completely distracted and all I really want to do is grab my iPad, go find a chair in the shade (it’s going to be 94 degrees on this first day of spring here in Phoenix, although we’ll get a crashing drop to 72 for the high later in the week), and peruse the new blog entries for all these great sites this afternoon!


Have a great week, you deserve it!