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Author: Kim Stuart

Modern iBeacon Use – Something Fun, Something Handy

Modern iBeacon use involves a lot of fun ideas. I posted a blurb last year about using iBeacons in partnership with a grocery store to reward interested consumers with something useful, yet fun at the same time – personalized meal recommendations and the recipes/shopping lists needed to complete the meal at home.  This is one great example of modern iBeacon use. [LISTEN: iBeacons – Bridging the Gap Between Online and Offline Sales – PODCAST] Here’s what I said – – has implemented an in the grocery store, get your recipe and your shopping list style implementation with...

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Mobile Payments are Half the Story with Mobile Wallets

I talked about mobile payments being a small part of mobile wallets quite some time ago.   Here’s an updated version of the original story. Think mobile wallets are only about mobile payments?  Wrong. Yes, we know, it seems that every article about mobile wallets extoles the virtue of using them to make mobile payments.  Whether it’s Apple Pay, Android Pay, Samsung Pay, Paypal, or some other localized brand of wallet, the primary focus of the articles almost always misses the point. This quote from PaymentSource was a real gem – The value proposition of a mobile wallet is not about...

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Mobile Wallet Marketing Strategy for Complete Beginners

Mobile wallet marketing strategy Let’s face it – mobile wallet marketing strategy for beginners sounds like some Dummies book or something. Mobile wallet marketing strategy is not rocket science; it does actually help to have some ideas of what you might want to sell to people; what people might like to be reminded of based on location or proximity or time awareness is also a good bit of knowledge to have in your back pocket. Too many companies don’t really have a marketing strategy of ANY kind. Click To Tweet Let’s get started. 3 simple steps to creating an...

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